5 Heroes You Can Make as Marksman in Mobile Legends

Hello smart friends! Mobile Legends players do sometimes focus on using one role just heroes, guys. Surely you are confused when when choosing a hero it turns out that there is no player who chooses marksman hero.

Whereas you are also not a user specialist marksman hero. Of course this makes you confused, because if you can’t use marksman hero will be considered noob.

Therefore we will tell you, what heroes can replace the hero position marksman in Mobile Legends

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No Marksman? This is the Hero that can replace Marksman

For those of you who are curious about which heroes can replace the position marksman in Mobile Legends. Come on! Listen carefully, guys.

1. Harley

Harley - Hero Mobile Legends

Harley – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero that can replace marksman hero the first is Harley. Harley is hero mage highly respected in battle.

This hero is also equipped with very special abilities, one of which is hard to catch. Not only that, guys. Harley also comes with skills which is very deadly and you can also make Harley skills even more powerful again with build items from U.S.

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2. Cyclops

Cyclops - Hero Mobile Legends

Cyclops – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero that can replace marksman next is Cyclops, this hero is one of the the strongest Mobile Legends hero mage. Cyclops is also one of the heroes with deadliest skill combo in Mobile Legends.

Because Cyclops have skills which is quite respected by Mobile Legends players. Especially when you complete it with build items Cyclops from us, guaranteed to work SAVAGE ok guys.

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3. Kagura

Kagura - Hero Mobile Legends

Kagura – Hero Mobile Legends

Kagura is one of the hardest hero to catch, this hero is also one of the heroes who can replace marksman hero. The unique thing about this hero is that it has more than 3 active skills.

Skills from Kagura it really hurts, so it’s only natural that this hero frequently used by Tops Player Mobile Legends. You can also make skills from Kagura to make it more powerful again with best build items from U.S.

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4. Lancelot

Lancelot – Hero Mobile Legends

Lancelot is a Mobile Legends hero that you can rely on to replace marksman hero, this hero is indeed suitable for fighting in the solo lane.

Lancelot equipped with skills that are quite sick, usually para player Mobile Legends relies on skills Thorned Rose (skill 2) to perform attacks and produce effects slow, this skill can also be used to avoid skills that will enter Lancelot.

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5. Nana

Nana - Hero Mobile Legends

Nana – Hero Mobile Legends

Nana is hero support that you can count on to replace marksman hero. Nana herself is a hero who has 2 role most feared.

Indeed, this very funny hero is equipped with skills which makes his opponent think twice about fighting him. Well, to make Nana have build items like like marksman, you can follow our build item.

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Well, those are 5 heroes that you can make marksman in Mobile Legends. If you have criticism or suggestions for this article, you can write in the comments column below, guys.

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