5 Heroes That Can Make Opponent Skills Not Work in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is MOBA games which is currently a lot. In the games there are many characters hero which you can use.

Previously, SmartTips.com ever discussed about heroes who have most ultimate skills annoying. Well, this time we will discuss heroes which can cause the opponent to be unable to use skills-his.

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This is a Mobile Legends Hero that Can Make Opponent Skills Not Work

1. Natalia

Natalia - Hero Mobile Legends

Natalia – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero the first that can cause skills the non-functioning opponent is Natalia. Hero Assassin which is rarely used, it is very dangerous, guys.

Use skills Smoke Bomb hers, the opponent’s hero is affected skills it will not be able to issue skills hers. So that Natalia can kill him easily.

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2. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca - Hero Mobile Legends

Gatotkaca – Hero Mobile Legends

The next hero capable of causing skills the non-functioning opponent is Gatotkaca. Heroes from Asia it does have a very scary skill.

Armed with skills Unbreakable, Gatotkaca is able to make opponents around him unable to remove skills hers for a moment. So that team members can defeat these enemies very easily.

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3. Helcurt

Helcurt - Hero Mobile Legends

Helcurt – Hero Mobile Legends

Next there are heroes Assassin who was currently being greatly feared, namely Helcurt. yep, Helcurt do have skills which can make the opponent hit silence.

Those skills are skills His passive is Race Advantage, and skills 1 of hers is Shadow Raid. These two skills cause the opponent to be hit silence until you can’t get it out skills hers for a while.

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4. Nana

Nana - Hero Mobile Legends

Nana – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero The next thing that can make the opponent unable to issue his skills is Nana. Nana itself is Mage heroes which is very lively, guys.

With skills Morph Spell hers, Nana will turn her opponent into a puppet that makes the opponent unable to cast skills hers.

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5. Vexana

Vexana - Hero Mobile Legends

Vexana – Hero Mobile Legends

Last order is hero Mage, Vexana. This female hero is often underestimated by the opponent, even though Vexana itself has a very deadly skill.

Use skills Charmed Specter, Vexana will pull her opponent towards her. And when that happens, the opponent cannot take out skills anything to escape.

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Well, that’s some hero Mobile Legends which makes the opponent unable to remove skills hers. Share This article is your friend!

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