5 Hero Arena of Valor With The Best Meta To Push Rank With Friends

GridGames.ID – Arena of Valor (Aov) is one of the most popular MOBA games today.

Similar to MOBAs in general, AoV comes with a variety of gameplay modes, one of which is often played is the Ranked mode.

Not only the gameplay mode, the heroes or characters that are present are also diverse, making players have many choices to use.

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In Ranked mode, players fight for the highest tier, the Grand Conqueror.

Well, to win the match, of course the players need a hero who is sustainable until late-game and has qualified skills, right?

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Therefore, GridGames will tell you the 5 best heroes to push rank with your friends, check it out!

1. The Joker

Hero The Joker in Arena of Valor


Hero The Joker in Arena of Valor

Joker is a hero with the basic role of Archer whose abilities or skills cannot be underestimated.

In the latest AoV update, Joker gets a significant adjustment, especially in his passive skills.

That way, Joker is now one of the heroes to watch out for when playing in Ranked mode.


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