5 Guinevere MLBB User Mistakes to Avoid!

Five mistakes by Guinevere Mobile Legends (MLBB) users should be avoided in order to maximize Guin’s capabilities.

Guinevere is one of the most popular heroes these days and is always relied on by mobile legends players as all of their skills are so useful at this point.

Including escape skill, he has crowd control skill, and also has high damage of Guinevere.

In that regard, SPIN Esports makes five mistakes for Guinevere MLBB users. This should be avoided to allow this hero to reach his full potential. What’s going on?

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Jump towards an enemy hero with disabled skills

Guinevere mlbb

The first mistake is that Guinevere accidentally jumps to an opponent with invalid skills such as Saber, Joe Head, and Tigrial.

This should definitely be avoided, as the invalidation skill can cancel skill 2 very easily. Especially for opponents who can set the timing to use when skill 2 comes out.

Wrong jump and ultimate hero opponent

The second mistake is to give skill 2 and also to give the ultimate to the opponent’s hero.

If Guinevere needs to keep targeting the enemy’s core during the war, and here, Guinevere’s second ultimate skill can kill the core with only one combo, so your role is to target the opponent’s core. Killing is very important.

Don’t give combo skills to your opponent’s tank hero, as your real job is to kill the core, not the tank.

Skills not aimed at

Guinevere mlbb

The last and most important mistake is to dictate the purpose of issuing the skill. More specifically, if you want to attack with your skill, you need to tell.

If not instructed, your skill goes in the wrong direction, which is also very harmful to you.

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Don’t use Ultimate to get rid of your opponent’s CC skills

You can think that Guinevere’s ultimate skill is only to maximize the combo and defeat the opponent’s hero, but in fact Guinevere’s ultimate skill has another function.

Another feature is that Guinevere’s third skill is immune and can evade all cc skills depending on when the skill is used, thus evading all cloud control (cc) effects of the opponent.

Do not use shadows

In addition to the ability to escape, Guinevere’s shadow allows you to chatter your opponent’s hero and make the wrong attack.

In particular, heroes such as Falcons, Lancelot, Zask, and Harley can actually attack Guinevere’s shadow instead of their actual body.

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