5 Games Banned in Various Countries, Not Only Indonesia!

Indonesia is one of the the country with the most gamers in the world. So it’s not surprising that in Indonesia there are so many people who play games every day. Even in Indonesia itself, there are Indonesian game companies that are successful worldwide.

They are able to create exciting games. One of them is an Indonesian game with impolite titles like Sempak Jones and so on. Although in Indonesia there are many game genres. However, there are also games that have been banned in Indonesia.

This game should be banned. Because, not only in Indonesia but in various countries. Well, here are the games that are banned in various countries too, so just take a look!

It turns out that this is a game that is banned in various countries

For those of you who are curious, what games are blocked in various countries, take a look right away! Because there is a reason why it can be blocked.

1. Mortal Kombat 11

Games Banned in Different Countries

Mortal Kombat 11 Games

The first games that are banned in various countries are Mortal Kombat 11. This Mortal Kombat 11 game is one of the best fighting games. However, unfortunately because the visuals are so cruel and sadistic that even there is blood, this game is banned.

This game designed by NetherRealm is banned in Indonesia. Not only that, this game is reportedly also banned by other countries, namely Japan and Ukraine. Do you think this game really looks sadistic and cruel, doesn’t it?

2. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Games Banned in Different Countries

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Games

Games that are blocked in various countries the second is Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Surely you are already familiar with this one game? The game, where one of the game’s characters was inspired by this public figure, turned out to be blocked by up to 50 countries!

Reportedly, because Grand Theft Auto (GTA) contains elements of violence, pornography, sadism, and teaches its players to commit crimes. The countries that block this game include European countries, Indonesia and also non-European countries. What do you think guys?

3. Bully

Games Banned in Different Countries

Bully Games

Games that are banned in various countries the third is Bully. This game that tells about violence and bullying in schools has made the Bully game banned in various countries, including Indonesia. Yes, even though this Bully game is actually an adventure game.

But still, this game can influence the players to do bullying, violence, bullying, sadism at school. Oh yes, other countries that have banned this game include Brazil, England and some states of the United States.

4. Manhunt Series

Games Banned in Different Countries

Game Manhunt Series

Games that are blocked in various countries the fourth is Manhunt Series. This game made by Rockstar is already very famous, not because the game is good. But because this game was banned in various countries.

One of them is the UK, Germany, Australia, Ireland and various other Asian countries. The reason this horror genre game is blocked is because it is considered to be able to influence the players to become more destructive and even aggressive. This game is also visually uncomfortable to play, guys!

5. Command & Conquer: Generals

Games Banned in Different Countries

Game Command & Conquer: Generals

Games that are banned in various countries, the last one is Command & Conquer: Generals. Games with this war strategy genre are apparently prohibited from being played in China, guys. Even when this game was released, it was immediately blocked by the country.

Reportedly the game Command & Conquer: Generals was banned because it tells about political issues that are happening in China. This is because China is used as a political vortex by China and the United States.

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