5 Game Genres That Are Often Used as Esports Events. There are MOBAs and Battle Royales!

CS:GO esports team, Astralis

CS:GO esports team, Astralis

GridGames.ID – The gaming industry has been around for decades.

Now, there have been many tournaments held from various amateurs to professionals.

The Indonesian government itself has made the green light for the eSports industry in the future.

Various groups were also present to enliven the world of eSports, such as the famous artist from the capital Rafi Ahmad who recently created his own eSports team.

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Are you interested in taking part in enlivening the eSports event?

For those of you who are interested, you don’t have to master all the games.

You just have to master one game genre that you are most interested in.

Listen here! 5 game genres that are often made into esports events!


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