5 game characters very similar to famous artists

character Games is a very important thing. Without good character, a Video games cannot deliver a good storyline and unforgettable. Hence, developers need to be in the early stages of development Games required to create a strong character that can be applied to the story.

One of the things that are very important to the character besides their nature is the design. Many developers have complained player because it gives a bad character design so that the appearance is unacceptable.

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Of course, there are plenty of ways to create cool characters later. But have you ever thought that developers can sometimes be inspired to create characters from people in the real world? Because in reality there are several characters Games which is very similar to the lineup of famous artists.

You haven’t given any clarification or collaboration with these artists. But loud player There is an eerie resemblance between the characters in various forums Games with several well-known artists. So who is on the list? Here is the discussion!

1. Olgiard Von Everec (David Beckham)

Game character

Olgiard von Everec is one of the most famous characters in The Witcher 3 especially in the DLC heart of stone. He is someone who will interact with Geralt in the DLC. You know most of the main stories heart of stone actually talk about Olgiard himself.

He has a very good character design with a sharp nose, thick mustache and also pompadour style hair. Uniquely, if you look around, Olgiard is very similar to David Beckham. Although the hair is not similar, the overall structure of the face is very similar to that of the former English captain.

Many speculate that Movement absorption Beckham did it himself. But until today CD Projekt Red has never talked about it.

2. Ellie (Elliot Page)

Ellie is one of the best characters in the business Games. It was first published in 2022 Game The Last of Us. Ellie was very young at the time, but had to deal with vicious creatures and survive the conditions of the ruined world.

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Ellie is often referred to as being similar to Elliot Page. Even though, Movement absorption Ellie is played by Ashley Joyhnson. Elliot Page himself was involved in the production Games but not The last of us but Beyond two souls as Jodie Holmes.

3. Maria (Cameron Diaz)

Maria is the main antagonist in Silent Hill 2. He is ruthless and has a hobby of tormenting his goals. It is also full of puzzles that keep fascinating us.

Well, Maria is often called similar to Cameron Diaz, who, by the way, is one of the legendary actresses in the film industry. At first glance, they have similarities, especially when it comes to facial expressions. In addition, both have colored hair blond.

4th Commander Shepard (Adam Lambert)

Commander Shepard is one of the most iconic characters in the business Games where did he appear? Mass Effect games. Shepard has two models, one is a male version and one is a female version. It is based on choice player alone. Do you want to play the male or female version.

Uniquely, the female version of Commander Shepard is similar to the famous singer Adam Lambert. Both have similar face designs and look similar, although their hairstyles are quite different.

What is clear is that both are equally famous. Lambert is famous as an international singer with a wide variety of works while Shepard is a famous leader in Normandy.

5. Bikini Woman in GTA V (Kate Upton)

There used to be a lot of excitement when girls were in bikinis on GTA V loading scenes is Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, this character is actually more similar to Kate Upton. The resemblance is purely coincidental, although the pose between the two is planned so that Kate mimics the style of this female character.

When the poster first came out, many fans thought it was Kate Upton who did it Movement absorption. But actually the person who did it Movement absorption is Shelby Welinder.

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