5 Free Battle Royale Games to Play on PC

Battle Royale has become one of the genres loved by many people now. This genre really tests the instinct for survival player under the player Miscellaneous. In this way, player will compete against each other and the result will kill each other Games.

So far there are several Battle Royale game that you can play for free on your PC without paying anything. All you have to do is download it Games that’s it. So what? Battle Royale game the best free games you can play on pc? Here is the list Gimbot put together for you!


CS: GO danger zone

CS: GO originally a Games paid until the end of 2022 Games it will a Games to play for free on Steam. Games it loads a mode Battle Royale titled CS: GO danger zone.

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This mode only lasts around 16-18 player only and the card is also short Playtimeit’s only about 10 minutes. Even so, CS: GO danger zone still interesting to play especially for veterans Counterstrike.

Apex legends

Apex legends

Battle Royale Games which caught the eye in early 2022. Yes, Games created by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts is absolutely phenomenal and has received millions of downloads in a short period of time.

In Games These heroes have special abilities to defeat other opponents. This skill can then be combined with your teammates. To date Apex legends still one Battle Royale game best for free.

Fourteen days

Z1 Battle Royale

Steam battle royale game what is more interesting to play Games This is Games for free. Even though Games
it gets mixed reviews of 204,809 player, but there Games for free, Games it’s worth playing.

According to Game Informer, Games it presents many different game modes with taste Battle Royale
fixed. Detailed customization functions are really presented here too.

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