5 Free Backsound Provider Sites (Content Creator Must Know!)

As we know, one The way to earn money from the internet is by creating content. The content that currently has a lot of interest is video content. The content can be uploaded by the creator on one of the social media platforms.

Examples like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. Eits, although you can freely upload videos on the platform, you must know that there are rules that should not be violated, where you cannot use other people’s music.

If it is detected using other people’s music, then your content will be subject to copyright so that it has the potential to be blocked by the social media. Therefore, you need to be careful when using backsound!

Well, that’s right! Here are some recommendations for free backsound provider sites for you!

Backsound Often Affected by Copyright? Try Downloading on the Following Backsound Provider Sites!

1. Audio Library

Free Backsound Provider Site

Audio Library

The first free backsound site is Audio Library. This site is often used by Indonesian YouTuber vloggers because the backsound provided varies with various categories.

Not to mention you can choose the desired background according to the genre. To download is also very easy and free. Even though it’s free, it would be nice if you included the source and the music maker, yes!

2. Bensound

Free Backsound Provider Site


The next free backsound provider site is Bensound. This site provides various kinds of backsounds for YouTube videos, so if you are editing videos in a video editing application and the background is too monotonous, you can download them on this site.

This site is also copyright-free, aka royalty-free, so you don’t have to pay and can be downloaded for free. Backsound provided on this site is also a variety of genres ranging from rock, pop, jazz, electric and so on.

3. Kompoz

Free Backsound Provider Site


The next free backsound provider site is Kompoz. This site is a site where music artists from around the world upload their music here. So they don’t just upload music, they can edit the music.

If you upload music and someone downloads it, you will get royalties. Even though there are paid music backsounds for which you have to subscribe to a premium, but there are backsounds that you can download for free.

Moreover, the backsound provided on this site is diverse, unique and of course not many people use it. That way you will make a vlog that is different from the others, because the music is rarely used by people.

4. Free sound

Free Backsound Provider Site

Free sound

The next backsound provider site is Free sound. When you create Reels content on Instagram or any type of video content, you definitely need effect music, right? Well, this Freesound site can be the solution.

Because on this site there are lots of music effects such as animal sounds, people laughing, lightning and so on that you can use for backsound. The good thing is that on this site you can download the backsound for free.

5. NoCopyrightSound

Free Backsound Provider Site


The last backsound provider site is NoCopyrightSound. This platform was originally created on the YouTube channel but is now also available in the form of a website, where content creators can directly download it.

Many Indonesian YouTubers use the backsound from this site, because the music is free from copyright. So users don’t have to bother choosing which music will not be copyrighted.

So, those are some recommendations for backsound provider websites that you can download for free. So, which website do you download the most from? If there is, write it in the comments column below here

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