5 Fastest Ways to Get Free Skins with Fragments in Mobile Legends

Hello smart friends! Have you got a skin yet, guys? Skin is indeed an attribute that is highly desired by Mobile Legends players. Well, of course you want to get the skin for free.

Well, on this occasion we will tell you how to get skin free by using fragments in Mobile Legends. Come on! Just take a look at this article, guys.

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Want Free Skins! Here’s How To Get The Fastest Fragments

1. Lucky Box

Daily Box

Daily Box

The first way to get skin free with fragments is to take advantage of Lucky Box. How to use the Lucky Box is toblock 4 gifts you don’t want.

After that you can play Lucky Box until the needle stops on the prize you will get. Besides getting fragments, you can also get skin, heroes, and many others.

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2. Daily Login

Daily Login

Daily Login

The next way to get free skins with fragments is to take advantage of Daily Login. How to get it is very easy, you know guys.

You are only asked to log in every day and will get a gift from Daily Login you, on the day that there is a fragment prize that you will get guys.

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3. Quest with Time Limit

Quest with Time Limit

Quest with Time Limit

How to get free skins with other fragments by using Quest with Time Limit. To get it, you must complete the specified mission.

If you have completed 3 missions and have obtained rewards-his. Then, you can open the chest above and you will get fragments, emblems, and tickets.

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4. Daily Rewards

Daily Gift

How to get free skins with the next fragment, which is to use Daily Gift. How to get the fragments is very easy, you know, guys.

You only complete your daily activity 5 times until you can open the chest that is below your right. Because the rewards of the chest are fragments that you can exchange for skin.

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5. Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin

How to get a free skin with the last fragment is Lucky Spin. How to get fragments from Lucky Spin is very easy, guys.

You just have to press the start button and Lucky Spin it will rotate. Prizes on Lucky Spin are very varied. So you just don’t get fragments, you can get other prizes.

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That’s guys the fastest way to get free skins with fragments. If you have criticism or suggestions for this article, you can write them in the comments column below.

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