5 educational games for kids on Android

In the age of modernization, children under 5 years of age (toddlers) already understand play WL can even play Offline games Yet on-line. If they are not supervised by their parents and allow their children to develop on their own, it can become dangerous for the child, especially when they play games that are not suitable for their age.

This time, the author will recommend games that are suitable for play and can also be used to educate children so that parents do not have to worry when our children are playing Games.

episode 5 educational games for kids on Android.

Sholeh children’s games

Games This pious child is Games which can be used as an alternative learning tool for children aged 4 and over who are difficult to learn, especially for learning about religion, especially Islam. Games It’s also packaged so that it’s easier for kids to understand and don’t get bored playing because the game is fun.

Download Sholeh children’s game in the Play Store.

Games Cook- Cookies Sweet

to Games the second is usually liked by children, especially girls. Games This is about the preparation of food, which starts from shopping to completion. Games This cooking recipe has three great and easy recipes, each of which will give our children a different cooking experience, such as: Softie sugar cookies, Cookies Stars, candy Cookies.

Download Games Cook- Cookies Sweet in the Play Store.

Games Complete child rearing

This game can also be used as a tool to improve children’s memory so that they will quickly accept what we have taught. Besides improving memory, this game also includes coloring games, letter recognition, numbers, colors, fruits and animals. This game has two subtitle namely Indonesian and English.

Download Games Complete the kids education on the Play Store.

Games raising children

This one game is one Games which only uses English, Spanish and Portuguese. But do not worry, the role of parents in this game is only to accompany them, because although people do not understand foreign languages, at least they understand the names and sounds of animals.

Games It has a lot of fun games and can make kids grow up. What games can you play: animal names and their sounds, distinguish shapes, learn to paint and color, mimprove their memory, logic and concentration and msolve the maze.

Download Games Raising children in the Play Store.

Games Complete child rearing

Games This can be used as a learning tool for kids about letters, numbers, reading and counting. This application is accompanied by Memory games to train children’s memory and nursery rhyme applications that educational songs for children with audio or sound and text.

Aside from being fun, this game can also keep kids from doing something negative and even throw kids the wrong way. For example, less educational shows like horror watching fights that can get kids to do it.

Download Games Complete the kids education on the Play Store.

So the list of educational games for kids on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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