5 Causes of Laptop Fans Spinning Fast and How to Solve them

Problem hardware what usually happens to laptop users is the fan or heatsink which rotates too fast, so that it can make noise.

The noise is certainly very disturbing, guys. But, what causes the laptop fan to spin so fast like that?

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This is the Cause of the Laptop Fan Spinning Fast and How to Overcome It

Well, this time SmartTips.com will review some of the causes of laptop fans beeping loudly and how to overcome them. Checkidot..

1. Processor Working Too Hard

Processor Working Too Hard

Processor Working Too Hard

As is known if we run heavy applications like games or editing video then auto processor will work very hard.

This makes the temperature of processor itself increased drastically. Thus the fan that functions as a temperature stabilizer processor will also spin faster and make noise.

How to fix it :

To overcome this, you should not run too many applications. Moreover, running heavy applications as described earlier.

And also pay attention to the specifications of your laptop. Is your laptop capable of running heavy applications or not. If you are unable to run heavy applications, you should never run these applications.

2. Operating System Too Heavy

Operating System Too Heavy

Operating System Too Heavy

Operating system that do not match your laptop can overload the working power of the laptop. It will trigger processor go the extra mile to keep running OS the.

If processor If you work very hard, the laptop fan will automatically spin even faster. This can make the fan quickly damaged, guys.

How to fix it :

To avoid this, you should use Operating system only light or the default from the laptop.

3. Dirty Laptop Fan

Dirty Laptop Fan

Dirty Laptop Fan

Using a laptop for a long time can also cause the laptop fan to spin rapidly. What’s more, you rarely clean it.

This will result in the laptop fan being covered by dust. Dust that accumulates in fan will shut off air circulation. And closed air circulation will result in processor heat up and make fan worked really hard to neutralize it.

How to fix it :

To overcome this is to clean it regularly. It is highly recommended to use the service service laptop or computer to clean it to prevent fatal damage.

4. Too Many Applications Running

Too Many Apps Running

Too Many Apps Running

Multitasking or multiple activities are running something simultaneously. One example is running applications on a laptop at the same time.

The use of the application simultaneously will certainly affect the working power processor. If it’s too pushy, then processor will be hot and of course trigger fan work harder.

How to fix it :

To overcome this, you should reduce the use of multitasking. However, if you have to be forced to use multitasking, try just 2-3 only the application is running.

5. Broken Laptop Fan

Broken Laptop Fan

Yep, a faulty laptop fan can trigger the fan to spin quickly and cause noise. This can happen because it is too old or the wrong laptop fan placement.

How to fix it :

To overcome this, you should pay attention to the inside of your laptop. Is it damaged or not, and also routinely doing service.

Well, that’s the cause of the laptop fan that spins quickly. If you have suggestions or opinions, please fill in the comments column. Like and share this article so that you #AlwaysMoreKnow

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