5 Browsers to Access the Safest Deep Web Sites

One of The most terrible mysteries of cyberspace are always not far from the deep web. Deep web is a web page or site that contains a forum, an online store hidden in the deepest part of the WWW.

So, the information in the deep web is more illegal. So that it cannot be accessed easily using the most popular browsers in general. Well, to access the deep web, you need an additional browser.

That’s right, here are some browsers that can access deep web sites. So let’s have a look!

Recommended Safest Browser to Access the Deep Web

Yes, Google Chrome is the best browser, it’s just not safe to access the deep web. Well, you can use the following browsers to access the deep web!

1. Mozilla Firefox

Browser to Access Deep Web Sites

Mozilla Firefox

Yups, you can access deep web sites through the Mozilla Firefox browser. However, to access it you have to log in via the Tor Network by changing the Firefox router information.

In addition, you also have to install a plugin to be able to activate the VPN. So that your data is not leaked on the deep web. Oh yes, so that the sensation of deep web access is felt, try activating dark mode in Mozilla Firefox.

2. Opera

Browser to Access Deep Web Sites


This fastest browser can also be used to access the deep web. The method is the same, you must set the router information so that it can enter the Tor Network.

Well, if you’re Opera, you don’t need to install a VPN application plugin anymore, because there’s already a built-in VPN. So it will be safer to access the deep web.

If you are still afraid of being less secure, you can also use additional VPNs and other security plugins.

3. Tor Browser

Browser to Access Deep Web Sites

Tor Browser

Then there is the Tor Browser, this browser is said to have been created to access deep web sites. Because it is open-source. Moreover, this browser is free and available for various platforms.

Starting from Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. Oh yes, Tor Browser is also really good for surfing the internet, because it is safe. If it’s still not secure, you can use an additional VPN application.

4. Tails

Browser to Access Deep Web Sites


Next is Tails, Tails stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. To use this browser you can only use it via USB, CD without having to be installed.

This browser is also open-source and very very secure. So whether you want to send or receive files, messages, pictures, videos, emails, and more will remain safe.

Oh yes, the way this browser works will also automatically stop the performance of the OS, making it safer and of course to protect personal data from hackers.

5. Waterfox

Browser to Access Deep Web Sites


Finally there is the Waterfox browser, this browser is similar to Firefox. This browser is also very safe to use to surf the deep web.

Cool again, this browser is able to erase traces of your history in cyberspace. Starting from passwords, history and so on. So it can avoid being attacked by hackers.

So, how are you smart? Where do you use to access deep web sites? Oh yeah, don’t forget to share this with your friends

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