5 Best Text Editor Application Recommendations, Prospective Programmers Must Know

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JSMedia – You who are a programmer must be familiar with text editor app? This is an application commonly used by programmers to code a program so that it becomes a new application. For Windows users, maybe often open Notepad to just add notes.

Well, Notepad itself is a text editor software that you can use. It can be said that the text editor is an important part for programmers because it is used to build applications. Without this app, you can’t build new apps for the project.

5 Recommendations for the Best Text Editor Applications Today

5 Recommendations for the Best Text Editor Applications Today

Currently a variety of text editors are available very much. Each application has the advantages of different features, ranging from support, application size to the full features in it. For those who need a reference, consider the following text editor recommendations:

1. Notepad++


As a Windows user, surely you are familiar with Notepad++. This Windows text editor is often used to type light notes or create simple txt files. Notepad++ is the default Notepad development from Windows.

Notepad++ provides additional features that make the application look more sophisticated and modern. Unlike Notepad, which is simple by default with a white background, Notepad++ provides many interesting menus and icons.

Of course you can do various things using Notepad++. The application can also read many popular programming languages. There is a menu of plugins that can be utilized to add features as well.

2. Sublime text

Sublime text

Need a reference text editor with a beautiful appearance and complete features? You can try Sublime Text app. The main advantage of this application is that it looks very dynamic. There are various themes that make you not bored when using the application.

Given that each theme presented can be adjusted to individual tastes. Text editor app it is an application that supports many operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. So, you don’t need to be confused when you want to use the application.

Of the many compatible operating systems, Linux is the most compatible operating system with Sublime Text. The maximum performance of the application can be put to good use on the operating system.

3. Visual Code Studio

Visual Code Studio

Not only Notepad, another text editor that Windows works on is Visual Code Studio. The appearance of the application is quite attractive with many distinctive ornaments that make it different from applications in its class.

Visual Code is a free application with a powerful system in it. As a user, surely you will really like this application. Visual Code also provides a feature that is able to complete lines of code automatically.

Not only that, there are various additional features that make users more comfortable when writing code using applications. For example, you can hide the menu with Zen mode. This mode allows the user to stay focused on the app.

4. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit

Sublime Text and Komodo Edit are pretty similar apps. Both applications provide full features and can be used on various popular operating systems, such as Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

Komodo Edit has been present in the ranks of text editors for quite a long time because it was officially released in 2007. At the beginning of its release, the application was only used to complete Komodo ActivateState only. What is support for programming languages ​​like?

Of course you don’t need to worry because the application supports high-class programming languages ​​such as SQL, CSS, HTML, Ruby, to Python and PHP. You can directly access the official website so that you can use this text editor.

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5. Atom


Many say if Atom is the most classy text editor in the source today. The application is compatible with various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. The quality of Atom has been proven because many professional programmers use it.

In terms of appearance, this application is not inferior to Sublime Text. Not only elegant and super luxurious, the application supports a variety of popular programming languages. For those who need additional features, please add these features via the available plugin menu.

The features provided by the application include fast project wide, fuzzy finder, web based, Node.js integration, and various other advantages. Atom has the easiest installation process. Naturally, if it is suitable for beginners who are just learning text editors.

Use text editor app very helpful for programmers. remembering the application can maximize writing the code of the language you want to work with. So, choose one of the applications above to help your work.

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