5 best tank games on pc that you can play

Tanks are one of the deadliest tools of war. The tank is reinforced with fire that can destroy anything. In addition, the tank also has a very strong material as it is made of steel.

That is why tanks are becoming a very feared tool of war. The strength and skill of the tank can be seen in several Games. A number of Games This forces us to use a tank to face the enemy.

For fans of this one tool of war who have a PC, it seems that you have a very strong obligation to play
Games This. Then about everything Games the best tanks to play on PC? Here we discuss one by one.

Battlefield V

War thunder

War thunder is the pioneer of Games free tanks. Games This one is very powerful because it contains tactics, statistics and really amazing details. Amazingly, even if you put a crusher in Games In this case, there are many things to consider before firing a shot.

Hence for those who are just starting to play Games In this case, they are very much obliged to see different types of tips so that they will not be wrong later on using the different types of tanks available Games This.

World of tanks

World of tanks

One of Games cool casual enough to have fun. Yes sir, World of tanks far from difficult impression like War thunder there Games it just focuses on actions and Style of play fast. Although not as detailed in terms of Style of play, World of tanks still has a pretty big advantage.

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Yes, one of the advantages is that there are 250 armored vehicles inside Games
These range from reconnaissance tanks to large tanks for war. The tanks provided also vary from France, England, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Soviet Russia, the United States, and China.

Armor 3

Tank games

Armor 3 is a Games
with an open world that gives your tank freedom. The scale of the map in Games this is not a joke either. But what becomes difficult is to win the battle, you have to be able to attack the enemy first.

Games it also presents a very detailed and realistic war realism, even to the point that a lot of people get negative comments for being so realistic. While it doesn’t just focus on tanks, the mode is one of the best when using this tank.

Like it or not Armor 3 must be recognized as one Games the best tanks ever.

Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is Games That requires you to mix the right tactics and get the most out of the tank. Because the key to winning Games The RTS type is a mature strategy.

Like in the real world Company of Heroes 2 Also, the tank doesn’t always make a superior vehicle. Because in Games This tank is still vulnerable if continuously attacked. For those who weren’t careful, it was clear that their tanks would be destroyed quickly.

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