5 Best Gimbals for Smartphones (Anti-Tremor!)

Do you have aspirations to become a vlogger or YouTuber? Be patient, no need to rush to buy vlog camera, handycam, DSLR or mirrorless to start my dream.

Because using your smartphone camera is more than enough. However, sometimes the video quality produced by your smartphone is lacking smooth or tremors.

Yes, even though you have used a smartphone with the best camera, but still when recording videos like vlogs you will be shaken

To fix this, you can use some of the best gimbal recommendations from Smart Tips to reduce tremors in your vlog videos. Listen to the end!

Best Gimbal Recommendations for Smartphones

For those of you who are looking for equipment to start your vlog, this time Smart Tips will give you the best gimbal recommendations without tremors. Let’s continue to follow this article!

1. Zhiyun Smooth-4

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun is one of the largest gimbal manufacturers on the market today. It is even rumored that Zhiyun can compete with products in the class of Dji Osmo. In addition, Zhiyun also offers quite competitive prices compared to its competitors.

The advantage of this Zhiyun Smooth-4 is that it has a 3-axis designed to eliminate shocks. You can do three movement that is pan, tilt and rolls.

With the advantages offered by Zhiyun Smooth-4, it is also used by some of the richest YouTubers in the world.

With a maximum weight of 210 grams which is suitable for various types of smartphones. This gimbal is offered at a price of around 1.25 million.

2. Freefly Movi

Freefly Movi

The advantage of this Freefly Movi is that it has a flat surface at the bottom so it is easy to place it anywhere without the help of a tripod. This smartphone stabilizer is designed to make various kinds of movement as, pan, tilt and others.

Cool, Freefly Movi has a special application to program camera movements without having to hold the stabilizer. In addition, it can also change from landscape to portrait dynamically.

With the advantages offered by Freefly Movi, it is offered at a fairly high price, which is around 5.2 million.

3. Zhiyun Smooth-Q2

Zhiyun Smooth Q2

Then still from one of Zhiyun’s products. This Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 labels itself as pocket-size advanced mobile gimbal because of its small size and practicality.

Equipped with a slim body, this gimbal weighs only 260 grams and a battery that lasts up to 16 hours is one of the advantages of this gimbal.

This Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 already supports 360-degree rotation and is equipped with three movement that is pan, tilt and rolls. The price offered is around 1.6 million.

4. Dji Osmo Mobile 3

Dji Osmo Mobile 3

Dji Osmo Mobile 3 is equipped with a 3-axis effective to withstand shocks. It also has a comfortable grip for the palm of the hand.

The cool thing about this Dji Osmo Mobile 3 is that it has features Active Track 3.0 which serves to capture the movement of fast scenes such as people exercising or the movement of vehicles.

How? Interested in having it. Prepare your budget of around 1.5 million.

5. Evo Shift

Evo Shift

You can make videos by walking, moving and running with nice and smooth results using this gimbal. This Evo Shift has three modes movement that is pans, tilts, and rolls.

Equipped with S . featuresmart-Track Technology lets you track moving people or objects. Has panoramas up to 360 degrees and modes time life from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

This Evo Shift is an attractive gimbal for the price range of 900 to 1 million.

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Well, that’s it guys recommendations for anti tremor gimbal from TipsPintar. Which one do you want to take home with you? Write in the comments column yes!

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