5 best battle royale game alternatives to PUBG (Android & iOS)

In this evolving era, how to play now Games It has become one of our daily activities, especially for millennials. Games with the theme of battlefield or what we know better than Battle Royale it becomes something trend.

PUBG for example, Games that has its own charm for them player, Where Games this is already supported by the technology Unreal Engine4 which naturally create very interesting visual effects and can pamper and pamper the eyes Style of playit becomes realistic. Nevertheless there are some too Games who also has genre this is the same as PUBG and no less interesting. So what kind of games are these? The following is the review.

1. Survivor Royale

First and foremost is Survivor Royale. Games Battle Royale which takes a first person perspective, shows hundreds of people facing each other on an island full of guns and vehicles. Only one person in there Games that will survive. In Games you can fight that alone or even join in team for mode 2 or 4.

Download Survivor Royale Android

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2. Knife out

Almost not much different than Games the first one, Knives Out is also wearing Battle Royale genre with hundreds of players facing each other on an island with a 6.4 square kilometer map with only 1 left player as a winner. In Games You can also use this function Team mode to play with your friends.

Download Knife from Android

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3. Final battlefield survival

Third is Last Battleground Survival. Games It simulates 40 players on an island that contains weapons they can be used against player Miscellaneous. Games It also requires that we use weapons and strategies wisely in order to survive. over time Map zone At Games This will shrink and of course certain zones will become combat zones that will give you a new gaming experience in every game.

Download Last Battlefield Survival Android

4. FortCraft

Games made by NetEase this presented Games Battle Royale which not only focuses on survival but implements a system handcraft and building to be the best. here player can use his imagination to build fortresses for later use against enemies. system handcraft and building this game is designed to make it easier Style of play while playing. Not only that in this game also showcases unique weapons like flamethrower enrich the gameplay.

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5. Ball impact

Games This is almost practically similar to PUBG, which has sensational graphics. Even in Games that doesn’t seem big, but deep Games It shows Style of play unique and interesting. only at Games There are some shortcomings that seem to be addressed by developer Games. But apart from the disadvantages, Games this can be used as an alternative for anyone who wants to play Games bergenre Battle Royale with a lighter size.

Download Bullet Strike Android

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Well that’s something Games this is similar to PUBG, which you might be able to use as an alternative to gaming Battle Royale. How curious to try one of them out?

here is the list Battle Royale Games best PUBG alternative (Android & iOS). Much luck.

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