5 Best and Free WhatsApp Hacking Apps 2022

Curious about the contents of your WhatsApp doi? want to know contacts that are frequently chatted and want to tap them? It’s really fitting guys, because this time Smart Tips will discuss some WhatsApp tapping applications that you can use.

Not only tapping WhatsApp guys, but you can also tap Line doi. Come on, let’s look at the article!

Here it is, the Latest WhatsApp Application!

To make it easier to tap WhatsApp, you can use some of the following wa tapping applications, guys.

1. Clonapp Messenger



The Clonapp Messenger application is a very popular and most used WhatsApp spy app. The way this application works is almost the same as WhatsApp Web and is very easy.

But, you can’t use this application to remotely tap WhatsApp, guys. So, you must be able to borrow the victim’s cellphone first to get a barcode scan.

2. WhatsDog

Install WhatsDog


For those of you who want to tap someone’s WhatsApp whose contacts you don’t save, this application is highly recommended for you to use guys.

In addition, you can also use this application without having to install WhatsApp, guys. So, it’s really OK, right guys, this WhatsDog application? Haha.

3. Whats Web Plus

Install Whats Web Plus

Whats Web Plus

Whats Web Plus application is a very special WhatsApp tapping application, guys, why? Because this application is an official service application from WhatsApp.

Initially, this application was only used to login WhatsApp on Smartphone and PC simultaneously. However, this application is updated and can be used to tap WhatsApp.

4. AirDoid

AirDroid App Installation


For this one application, it has a lot of functions, guys. However, people often use this application to tap WhatsApp. Haha

By using this AirDroid application, you can transfer data to a PC without having to bother using a data cable, guys. Not only data transfer, you can also import and export your files to PC very easily.

However, this application is very difficult to use and its size is quite large.

Size 30.1MB
Rating 3.8/5

5. Mobile Client for WhatsApp

Mobile Client for WhatsApp

Mobile Client for WhatsApp

This application is a social application developed by BWK Technik. The Mobile Client of WhatsApp application is used to tap someone’s WhatsApp very easily, guys.

How to use it is the same as you use WhatsApp Web, but you have to remember guys. If you want to use this application, then you have to be good at borrowing the cellphone you want to tap to scan the barcode.

So, how are you guys? Now you can easily tap WhatsApp doi, right? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments.

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