5 basic tips for new iPhone users

Inwepo Tutorial – The trend of this Apple smartphone does not seem to have shown a decline in market interest, in fact its latest version (5S) is predicted to skyrocket. If you are a new user of this gadget, we will summarize basic tips to make your job easier. Enjoy!

1) Passcode lock / Touch ID
Passcode lock and Touch ID are very important features when you have an iPhone. You won’t feel helpless if your iPhone is lost or stolen. Basically, the iPhone activates this function automatically. But if you still want to disable it or just see the options. Here’s how:

You can find Touch ID on Settings> General> Touch ID & Passcode> Touch ID. You can enter your fingerprint profile with up to 5 fingers at the same time! You can rely on this function.

Passcode lock is on Settings> General> Touch ID & Passcode (for iPhone 5S) or Passcode Lock (for other iPhone series). Here you can deactivate or activate passwords.

2) folder
This is a very useful feature for keeping things organized in a more organized way. Press and hold the icon you want to line up until it wobbles. You can then drag this icon onto another icon and then release it. The two symbols form a new folder. In iOS 7, folders are automatically named according to their usage, but we can manage that ourselves later.

3) control center
This feature is designed to shorten the steps to take control of your iPhone. You can turn on Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and Orientation Lock. You can also customize the screen lighting, music, use of AirDrop, AirPlay, flashlight, calculator, stopwatch and camera.

4) Spotlight search
This feature makes a lot of sense to search through everything on your iPhone. Because sometimes shifting the screen left and right doesn’t necessarily get what you’re looking for. They stay to wipe at the bottom of the home screen (except at the very top, since the Notification Center is there). This feature searches for anything in folders, emails, text messages, contacts, applications, and more. Get to know this method, it will recognize your iPhone faster.

5) Delete apps
Deleting some apps that you don’t really need is very important when you have a low capacity iPhone. They stay tap and hold (press and hold) the app you want to delete until it shakes, then press the ‘x’ above the icon. Complete. Proceed to deleting other applications that you want to delete. If necessary, press the Home button to return.

Much luck!

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