4 ways to check Smartfren balance on Android

Smartphone is one of the most famous telecommunications service providers in Indonesia. Smartfren offers many attractive promotions up to unlimited internet packages. As with other providers, you must have credit in order to use Smartfren services.

As a smartphone user, do you know how to check Smartfren balance on Android? There are several ways that you can try, either by dialing in, texting, or using the MySmartfren application. Here we summarize an easy way to review Smartfren Impulse that you are receiving Smartphone Android.

1. SMS

To check your remaining smartphone balance, you can send an SMS. This method is neither free nor free. the method is very simple, please type CHECK send to 999

How to check the smartphone balance

Wait a moment, you will receive an SMS reply with the remaining balance and the active period of your number.

2. Dial the number

The second option is to make a call with a dedicated dial code to check the balance.

1. Open the Call app or Call.

2. Please enter on the keypad * 999 # then press Call or call.

How to check the Smatfren pulse

3. Wait a while, you will receive an SMS from smartfren with the remaining credit and the active term of your Smartfren card.

3. MySmartfren app

MySmartfren is an application for getting information about the use of Smartfren cards.

1. Install the app MySmartfren in the playstore.

How to check the smartphone balance

2. Sign up with your smartphone number. If you use a smartphone internet connection, this will be automatically logged in immediately, if not, please register first.

3. After logging in, you will see the remaining credit and further information.

How to check the smartphone balance

4. MySmartfren website

MySmartfren can also be accessed through websites other than applications. Here is a test pulse from the MySmartfren website:

1. Open the browser you are using Smartphone Android.

2. Go to my smartphone website

3. Register with E-mail and Smartphone number.

How to check the smartphone balance

4. When registration is complete, log in with your email and password.

How to check the smartphone balance

5. When you are logged in to the MySmartfren website, you can view information about your Smartfren card, including how much balance you have left.

How to check the smartphone balance

That’s it How to check smartphone balance on Android. In addition to the remaining Smartfren balance, after following the above method, you will receive some information about the Smartfren card you are using, including: expiration date, internet package and others.

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