4+ Ways to Block Other People’s Facebook on HP / PC (100% Successful)

Facebook or FB is a social media that is quite popular among many people, ranging from small children to adults have used this social media a lot.

This is because Facebook has interesting features and its use is worldwide. So we are free to get acquainted, make friends and communicate with anyone. However, Facebook has provisions for the number of friends you have, namely 5,000 friends.

Those whose names are humans must have different characteristics, sometimes if we see your friend’s FB account that doesn’t suit you, makes you uncomfortable, irritated, annoying, etc.

How to Block Facebook People Without Hassle

How to block friends/others on Facebook can be done in 2 ways, which is the easiest? yeah? How to block someone’s facebook can also be done using a cellphone or with a laptop/PC. Well, for more details follow the tutorial below!

A. How to Block People’s FB Via HP

First step

1. Your first step is to open the site https://www.facebook.com, on google, chrome or any other browser app. If you already have the FB application on your cellphone, you can immediately log in. Enter email or phone number and password

2. The next step is to find the name of the person you want to block in the search field, then visit their profile page, and click three dots (more) on the right and will appear several options, click block

How to Block People's FB

3. After that, a notification will appear and the conditions that apply if the account is blocked, then click block

FB 2

Second Way

1. Login to your facebook account

2. At the top click triple line past scroll down and click Settings

How to Block Other People's FB

3. Next scroll down and look in the privacy options, then click blocking

FB 4

4. After that type the name of the person you want to block on column add to block list

FB 5

5. And a lot of the same name will appear, then click block then a notification will appear and click block.

How to Block People's FB on Android Phones

B. How to Block People’s FB Via Laptop / PC

First step

1. Go to site https://www.facebook.com then enter email or phone number and also password and click come in (as indicated by the arrow).


2. Type the name of the account you want to block in the search field and visit the person’s profile page.


3. Look at the right corner then click three dots, and will appear some options, then select block as indicated by the arrow.

How to Block Other People's Facebook

4. Next, the cancel or confirm options will appear, and to block click confirmation on the blue box


Second Way

1. The first step is to log in to your facebook account

2. On your homepage click triangle icon (in the right corner), then click Settings.


3. In the settings on the left will appear many options, then click blocking

4. And the blocking management screen will appear, here you just need to type the name of the friend/person you want to block on user block column, then click block in the blue column indicated by the arrow.


5. And the same names will appear, then select the account of the person you want to block, and click block. The last step will display a notification again, then click block.


Well, after seeing the tutorial on how to block other people’s facebook above, do you think method 1 or method 2 is easier? Hmm, I think the first way is more practical and faster.

And if you want to block people on your cellphone or laptop, the method is almost the same. So you don’t have to worry anymore if there are people/friends on Facebook that make you uncomfortable/annoying, just block them.