4 Most Sick Sniper Rifle Weapons in PUBG New State, 1 Hit 1 Kill!

PUBG New State game visuals and appearance

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PUBG New State game visuals and appearance

GridGames.ID Currently, PUBG New State is one of the most popular battle-royale mobile games among gamers.

The game made by Krafton is popular because it offers gameplay similar to the PUBG Mobile title, because indeed the two games have the same universe, but with different timelines.

Interestingly, several weapons in PUBG Mobile are also present in PUBG New State, but with a more futuristic appearance.

Some players also want to use the sickest weapon in the New State so that it is easier for them to kill enemies and achieve victory.

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One of the most painful types of weapons when it hits the enemy is the Sniper Rifles.

The reason is, the Sniper Rifle (SR) does damage that doesn’t work, guys, especially when it hits the head or Headshot and Sniper with Bolt action is considered to be the sickest in the New State title.

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This time, GridGames will tell you 4 Sniper Rifles type weapons in the New State that have the most damage, check it out!


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