4 Most Helpful Hero Support in Mobile Legends

Hello smart friends! Previously SmartTips.com ever discussed about tanker heroes that are hard to beat. Besides needing tank in the team, of course there must also be hero his maid.

Well, this time we will review about heroes Support which is very helpful when playing games Mobile Legends. Guaranteed, if there is heroes in the following for sure the enemy will be difficult to beat.

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The following heroes are of course very reliable

Than you are curious hero Support whatever is most helpful, let’s just take a look at the following article. Checkidot.

1. Diggie

Diggie - Hero Mobile Legends

Diggie – Hero Mobile Legends

In the first order there is Diggie. Yep, Diggie is hero Support very reliable when playing Mobile Legends. With skills he has, he has been named a very helpful Support hero.

In fact, he will become the main enemy for the opposing members. Due to the effect of skills hers that makes people definitely annoyed when faced with hero this little one. So don’t be surprised if hero it’s always on tire when ranked mode.

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2. Estes

Estes - Hero Mobile Legends

Estes – Hero Mobile Legends

In second place is Estes. first appeared, hero this is very imbalance guys. Even to beat him was very difficult. But since there items Deadly Blade, Estes users are decreasing.

However, if you are good at using it, Estes is hero the most useful. She is hero Support which is very useful for the team, guys. With skills what he has, he is able to give healing large enough for team members.

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3. Rafaela

Rafaela - Hero Mobile Legends

Rafaela – Hero Mobile Legends

Next there is hero Support which is very useful i.e Rafaela. With skills what he has, he is able to give heal, damage, even add movement speed. It can be said that hero this is hero multipurpose.

He is also hero Support which is very suitable when combined with hero Fighter. Therefore, no wonder Rafaela included in the reliable Support hero in the team.

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4. Angela

Angela - Hero Mobile Legends

Angela – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero Support The next one that is very reliable is Angela. Yup, Angela is hero Very support overpower guys. You can take advantage of skills at its disposal to protect team members.

Even he can also give damage which is quite big. Therefore, no wonder hero it becomes Support which is very useful in the team.

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Well, that’s heroes Support in Mobile Legends that can help team members. If you have suggestions or opinions, please fill in the comments column yes.

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