4+ How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 (So It’s Not Slow)

Knowing how to clear cache in Windows 10 is very important because leaving a large amount of cache on your computer will only eat up a lot of hard disk space.

As a result, it can result in computer hangs frequently which then has an impact on your work which will also be disrupted. Of course, everyone does not want this to happen so it is highly recommended to know ways to clear cache. But before that, you should know more about what a computer cache is.

If someone asks what a cache is, cache is a temporary collection of data that the user can immediately access again. Actually, the cache does have benefits for users where when they want to open a program or application it doesn’t take as long as when they first open the program or application. However, when the cache capacity is too much, this is where the problem arises that you must deal with immediately.

How to Clear Cache in Windows 10

You need to know that the cache exists in several places in Windows. The cache function is basically for improve computer performance because the computer does not need to process the application or program that is opened like when you first open it.

The computer can directly process it through the cache that has been created. That way, the time needed can be shorter. Therefore you need to learn how to clear cache in Windows 10.

1. Via Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a Windows default tool that is used to clean cache files, temporary or junk files that are no longer needed by your Windows system, even these types of files only take up storage space on your laptop or computer.

  1. First of all open File Explorer via button Windows + E. Then on options This PC, select and right click Local Disk C:.Windows key + E
  2. After that you choose Properties.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - System 2
  3. Next you choose Disk Cleanup.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - System 3
  4. Check all files except Downloads and Thumbnails. Why don’t I delete the files in the folder Downloads? Because many users save important downloaded files stored in the folder Downloads. Therefore, you better not delete it. Next you choose OK.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - System 4
  5. If a notification like this appears, just select Delete Files and wait for the process disk cleaning until finished.Just select Delete Files

2. Through the Settings Menu

In the Settings Menu there is a Windows default tool that has almost the same function as Disk Cleanup, which is to delete cache or temporary files that are not important and we should delete them so that our storage space is not full and our laptop or computer performance is maintained

  1. Enter the Windows Settings menu via the button Windows + I. After that you choose System.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - Windows Settings 1
  2. Then select menu Storage. After that you choose Configure Storage Sense or run it now.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - Windows Settings 2
  3. Then you scroll a little down and select clear now.then select Clear now
  4. Wait for the cleaning process to finish. The length of this process depends on the size of the file to be deleted.how to clean junk files on windows 10 laptop
  5. As you can see, we managed to delete cache files or unimportant files that are as big as 3.86GB.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - Windows Settings 5

3. Through the Browser You Use

Every time you browse, all searches and caches on the websites you visit will be stored in the browser. You also need to delete this cache because it takes up a lot of storage space, especially if you have never deleted the browser cache at all.

A. Google Chrome

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser then click three dots icon.click the three dot icon
  2. After that you choose More tools > Clear browsing data.how to clean junk files in windows 10
  3. Then you choose Advanced and in options Time range, select all time. Then check all the options and select Clear data.select Advanced

B. Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser then click the three line icon as indicated by the arrow.
  2. After that you choose Options.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - Firefox 2
  3. Then you choose Privacy & Security.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - Firefox 3
  4. After that you scroll a little down and select Clear Data.Select Clear Data
  5. If a notification like this appears, just select clear.How to Clear Cache in Windows 10 - Firefox 5
  6. select Clear Now once again.how to clear cache in windows 10

4. Using CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the most popular optimizer and cleaner apps for both Windows and Android devices. By using this application, we can clean various types of cache files, junk files, temporary, registry or other files that are not needed on our Windows system.

How to use CCleaner has been written before. You can check it here via this link. You don’t have to use CCleaner, you can use alternative options like BleachBit, Glary Utilities or Advanced systemcare. Each of these cleaner applications has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Location of Cache and Temporary Files in Windows 10

By studying this information you can immediately clear the cache in parts of Windows. So where is the cache located? Below will explain to you about where the cache is hidden so you can find and clean it immediately.

1. Windows 10 Update Cache

Every time your Windows operating system updates, the system will save the update file. That way, you can easily install the update whenever you need it.

But the problem is that Windows updates require a lot of storage capacity. Based on the information we got, the largest update capacity that Windows has is approximately 24 GB. A capacity so large that the longer it will continue to be large if not cleaned immediately.

2. Temporary Files

Windows OS also has a temporary file storage area or temporary files. Usually this file is used for installation purposes. Even so, it turns out that not all applications will delete their data in the folder temp that.

So, like it or not, we have to clean it so that its capacity does not increase because there may be many other applications that also don’t automatically delete the files.

3. Thumbnail Cache

Thumbnail Cache is also a cache place in Windows. Usually cache thumbnails come from images or videos. When you want to open one or even both, the Windows operating system only needs to open the preview so you can see it quickly.

Actually there are several other cache locations in Windows that you should also clean, including:

  • Windows Store Cache
  • Web Browser Cache
  • System Restore Cache
  • DNS Cache

Those are the steps on how to clear cache in Windows 10 that you can apply to free up hard disk space while accelerating the performance of your laptop and computer. If there is anything you want to ask, please ask via the comment box below.