4 Hero Mobile Legends (ML) Doesn’t Work Despite Overwhelming (OP) Season 19

Here the author shares four Mobile Legends (ML) heroes who are actually approaching the Overpowered (OP) level. Curiously, players are used to meta-heroes, so these heroes don’t sell at all. In fact, underrated heroes need to play in two ways:

  • This hero is often buffed by Moonton and usually continues to be buffed until he becomes a metahero.
  • Heroes with meta are usually continuously weakened until they exit meta

The Mobile Legends Cycle is always like that. Therefore, if you get used to metaheroes too much, you can be in danger if these heroes become extremely nervous. This happened to heroes such as Uranus, Baratsu, You John, Lynn, Kufra, and Esmeralda. These heroes have been weakened by Moonton in recent months.

If you use an OP hero and haven’t been caught yet, many opponents aren’t used to fighting the hero and are more likely to win.

These are four Mobile Legends (ML) heroes that aren’t really selling, but aren’t known to many.

1. Bererick

Hero Oracle Mobile Legends

Belerick is one of the unsold tank heroes. Moonton noticed this and buffed Bererick in the last few patches.

Belerick gets an additional 40% HP from every HP he gets from the purchased item. Therefore, you should always purchase a defensive item with Berelic’s HP added. For example, Guardian Helmet, Twilight Armor, Immortality, Antique Cuirass, Athena Shield.

After that, Bererick’s skill 1 will also be strengthened, so you can clear your minions quickly. It’s one of the fastest tanks to clear the lane at the moment, so Bererick can start spinning faster.

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2. Clint

Clint's new skin m2ml

Clint was also just redesigned in November 2022. The revamped Clint has two skills that can quickly explode your opponent. Skill 1 and Ultimate.

Unlike typical marksmen (MMs), Clint’s skill 1 and passivity allow him to farm quickly early in the game. Passive: Each time Clint uses a skill, the next automatic attack is enhanced and can be invaded (like Moskov). This will speed up the growth of minions and jungle monsters.

This hero is expected to be a powerful jungler in Season 19 Meta, but for some reason it’s not selling well in ranked matches. If you want to try this hero, study Guide Items and Clean Renewal Gameplay first.

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3. Kaja

Before MPL Season 6, Kaja was actually a hero support This is used to enter the meta. This is the ultimate way to attract one opponent and attract and eliminate heroes to your team. However, this ultimate is weakened because it is considered too strong. The distance to Ultimate has been reduced (you have to stick to your opponent’s Ultimate), and the Ultimate and Flicker combo has also been weakened (no longer changing places immediately).

Now it’s better to play Kaja Side lane / off lane.. This is because skill 1 Kaja and Passive are more ill, especially with minions. Therefore, Kaja needs to cultivate and build damage items. Kaja’s damage can be extended to the second half of the game as additional damage will be incurred from the percentage of the opponent’s maximum HP.

The new combo is playing Kaja. It can die as soon as it hits a soft hero.

  1. Flicker to the opponent’s jungler (Because the jungler uses retrieve, it becomes difficult to escape from Kaja’s surprise attack gunk)
  2. Skills for the team 2
  3. Hero Hero Auto Attack
  4. Skill 1
  5. Automatic attack again

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4. Kimmy

Kimmy Bio Frontier
Source: Mobile Legends

Kimmy was the last overwhelming (OP) ML hero who didn’t sell. Since MPL Season 6, Kimmy feels lost from the surface. This is due to the birth of the Assassin Meta-Jungler, which allows Assassins to break into the backline and target Kimmy.

However, in this season 19 meta, it seems that the assassin meta disappears and the MM meta comes back. And this is good news for Kimmy. He’s one of the best junglers to fight other MMs, especially in the early to mid-game. Kimmy farms faster than most other MM heroes, feels damage and slow pain, and can extend range.

Spinners, will these heroes eventually become meta? Or a secret surprise pick for loyal SPIN Esports readers. If you have an additional ML hero that is an OP but doesn’t sell, comment right below.

To find out if a hero has won or chosen, and what the ban rate is, you can check https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/rank.

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