4 Complete Screenshot Ways on Asus HP (All Types)

Want a screenshot of the score from the game you are playing? But, you are confused about how to take a screenshot on an Asus cellphone? This is very fitting, guys, because we will discuss it in the following article.

In Indonesia, the Asus smartphone has managed to attract and become one of the current prima donna smartphones. It turns out, Asus brand laptops are also widely used in Indonesia, guys.

Well, when we buy a smartphone, we will definitely get accessories like chargers, headsets, and data cables. Well, you also have to be careful, guys, to make sure the accessories you get are genuine. So, you have to be able to tell the difference between the fake Asus charger and the real one, guys.

Come on, let’s look at the following article!

Screenshot on an Asus cellphone (No Complicated!)

Every smartphone brand, must have its own way to screenshot, some are the same and some are different guys. For example, screenshots on Xiaomi cellphones and on Vivo cellphones.

Talking about screenshots on Asus cellphones, we will give you 4 ways, guys. You can choose according to the type of Asus cellphone that you have, because the way to screenshot on each Asus cellphone is different, guys.

1. Press Volume Down Button + Power Button


Press Volume Button + Power Button

For this method, it’s very common, guys, usually old Asus HP types can use this method. It’s easy, you don’t need to take screenshots by installing additional applications.

Yup, you just need to press the Volume Down + Power button simultaneously. For a more detailed way, please follow the steps below!

  • First, Of course you have to make sure the HP is on or active.
  • Second, Select the view you want to screenshot.
  • Third, Press ‘Volume Down Button’ and ‘Power Button’ simultaneously.
  • Fourth, The results are automatically saved in your photo gallery.

2. Press Volume Down + Home Button


Press Volume Down Key + Home Menu

Wow, this method is also common, guys, it’s used on various other smartphones. If on your Asus HP type you have a home button, you can use this method, guys.

We will explain the method in more detail for you, please follow these steps:

  • First, Turn on or activate your Asus cellphone.
  • Second, Select which view you want to screenshot.
  • Third, Press ‘Volume Down Button’ and ‘Home button’ for several seconds at the same time.
  • Fourth, The screenshot is already in your cellphone gallery.

3. Swipe Using 3 Fingers


Swipe Using 3 Fingers

Yup, this is the easiest way to take screenshots, guys. You only need to use 3 fingers and then swipe down to take the screenshot, but not all types of Asus cellphones can use this method.

Well, if your Asus cellphone has problems, you can just research your Asus cellphone, guys, so that your cellphone becomes like new again or goes back to the initial settings, guys.

4. Using Asus Default Features


Using Asus Built-in Features

Well, not all of these built-in features are on the Asus HP type, guys. Only a few have the default features available for screenshots, what if the Asus cellphone you have doesn’t have these built-in features?

Take it easy guys, because there are still 2 other ways that you can use to screenshot the desired display. To use this feature, you must activate it first in the Arrangement.

Here are the complete ways that you can follow!

  • First, Your cellphone must be on or active.
  • Second, Open menu ‘Settings’ which is on your HP.
  • Third, After that select ‘Screenshots’ and activate ‘Current application button’.

select ‘Screenshot’ and enable ‘Current application button

  • Fourth, Select the view you want to screenshot.
  • Fifth, Stand ‘Capacitive Recent Apps Menu’.

Hold down ‘Menu Capacitive Recent Apps’.

  • Sixth, Screenshot results will be automatically saved in your photo gallery.

So, how are you guys? Which way do you think is easy? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write them in our comments column.

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