4 best traffic monitoring apps on Android

CCTV is a special camera to record an activity directly Real time anytime, usually CCTV is used as a tool to get the condition of the house and others, in the field of transportation CCTV is used as a medium to find out if a certain street or place is congested and can be watched or from all easily and free of charge.

There are so many services or companies developing in the field of traffic surveillance, like Lintasmana and NTMC, not only in the police force that can provide traffic surveillance services to the public, there are also many private companies that do traffic surveillance for the public and even better than Government services such as LintasMana, which has more than 300 active CCTV cameras on the island of Java.

You can access some of these traffic CCTV services directly from the official website or through an application that you can download for free from the Playstore. Here are the 4 best national CCTV uses.

By which

As explained in the statement above, LintasMana company has more than 300 active traffic CCTVs spread across the island of Java, particularly DKI Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung, but this company is more focused on the JABODETABEK location, though there are also outside the area, but only a few.

Download use By which in the playstore.

JasaMarga Live

The official application issued directly by JasaMarga as a company focused on construction in the transport sector, especially toll roads, JasaMarga offers the name of its Traffic CCTV service by the name JasaMarga Live, called live because you can follow the live traffic with a distance of less than 10 minutes and the CCTV placement is also very suitable and in positions where there is a risk of congestion.


This application is officially issued by the traffic police in Indonesia and is named RTMC because of its meaning of. Has National traffic management company and use English as this service is not only intended for Indonesians but can also be used by tourists traveling to Indonesia. The advantage of this NTMC service is that you can contact NTMC Polri through the service Hotline provided by them and free of charge.

Download use NTMC in the playstore.


Not far from NTMC, but the difference is, if the NTMC is issued by the Indonesian traffic police, it is issued for that RTTMC by the Indonesian transportation service.

Download use RTTMC in the playstore.

Hence the list of the 4 best CCTV traffic applications on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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