3 ways to turn on the flashlight on iPhone

flashlight or what we usually call a flashlight is a function of the iPhone flashlight that is a function built-in or an integrated function of the iPhone. To be able to use the functions flashlight It is very easy to do. But did you know that there are multiple ways to enable or use the feature? flashlight, from the methods you usually use to those that people rarely use.

In this article the author explains how to use a flashlight or flashlight on the iPhone with iOS 11 or iOS 12. Why iOS 11 and iOS 12? because the iOS has a different way of working than the previous iOS and certainly iOS 11 and iOS 12 have many ways of doing things. For those of you who have not yet updated iOS to iOS 11 and iOS 12, do an iOS update right away. Immediately after the tutorial.

1. Through control center

As we know, control center is a shortcut that makes it easier for us to activate some functions. You can use one of them to use the features flashlight it’s on Control center.

open minded control center – tap on the flashlight symbol or Flashlight.

2. About Siri

You can easily activate it with the help of Siri flashlight or flashlight. Type or speak to command Siri and flashlight will be active or switched on.

3. Through Lock screen

When iPhone is locked, you certainly don’t think there are some functions that you can perform or use. Contains functions flashlight You can activate it when the iPhone is locked. This method is almost the same as the method in control centerbut the difference is when the iPhone is locked.

Swipe up to open control center – Tap on the symbol flashlight or flashlight.

This is a tutorial on how to turn on a flashlight on an iPhone. Much luck.

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