3 Ways to Restore Deleted Photos on Android (100% Back)

When we accidentally delete photos and video on HP, you must be annoyed and immediately confused, guys, how do you restore deleted photos on the cellphone?

To restore deleted photos and videos, there are various ways guys. Some use the application and some do not. Well, to restore photos and videos without an application, it can be done via a PC.

So, for those of you who experience this, don’t panic, guys. Because today, we will discuss how to restore these photos and videos. Come on, let’s look at the article!

Causes of Lost Photos and Videos on Android Phones

Before you know how to restore deleted photos and videos, it’s a good idea to first find out why the photos and videos can be lost or deleted.

1. There is a Virus

There is a virus

There is a virus

Viruses on cellphones are really annoying, guys. Because, in addition to making the cellphone full of advertisements, viruses can also cause photos and videos that are on the cellphone to be lost.

So, we should have to clean the virus often in order to get rid of ads on our Android phones, guys.

2. Accidentally Deleted

Accidentally Deleted

Accidentally Deleted

When cleaning a full internal memory, you must have deleted one of the stored photos and videos by accident. So, you have to be more careful when cleaning the memory guys.

Well, after knowing some of the causes, let’s just look at how to restore deleted photos below!

How to Restore Lost Photos on an Android Phone

There are several ways to restore deleted photos on HP. Well, here we will explain the ways more clearly.

How to Restore Photos Using the Restore Image App

  • First, Open the app Google Play Store. Then install the app Restore images.
Install Image Restore Application

Install Image Restore Application

  • Second, Open the app Restore Image. Then select “Search the image you want to restore”.
Select Search the Image You Want to Restore

Select “Search the Image You Want to Restore”

  • Third, Select the photos you want to restore. After selecting, click the button Restore Image” which is at the bottom right of your screen.
Select Restore Image

Select “Restore Image”

  • FourthIf it has been restored, you can check the image directly in your cellphone gallery.
Photo Restored Successfully

Photo Restored Successfully


  • This application cannot restore photos that have been deleted for a long time or there is no data on your cellphone.

How to Restore Photos Without Downloading an App

This method can work if you use the default application, namely: Google Photo. Here are the steps to restore photos without using the app:

  • First, Open the app Google Photo.
Open the Ggoogle Photos App

Open the Google Photos App

  • Second, Choose Menu then select option Trash / Garbage.
Select Menu Trash/Trash

Select Menu Trash/Trash

  • Third, find the photo you want to restore, then select healing.
Select Photo Then Restore

Select photo Then Restore


  • This method is more effective than the other methods, but you have to sync it first Google Photo with your file manager.

How to Recover Lost Photos Using PC

How to restore deleted photos using a PC you can do with the help of software ZAR X Recovery. Well, here’s how to do it.

  • First, Download and install the ZAR X Recovery software on PC you.
  • Second, Open the app ZAR already installed. Then select “Image Recovery”.
Choose Image Recovery

Select “Image Recovery”

  • Third, Select your memory card. Then select “Next”.
Select Disk Device

Select Disk Device

  • Fourth, Wait for the process scanning.
Wait for the Scanning Process

Wait for the Scanning Process

  • Fifth, Mark any photos you want to restore. If so, select Next”.
Select Photo

Select photo

  • Sixth, Select a storage place to save the restored photos. Then select Start Copying”.
Select Start Copying

Select Start Copying


  • This method can only restore photos that are on external memory, not internal memory.

How to Restore Lost Videos on Android Phones

In addition to photos, you can also restore deleted videos using the following methods!

How to Restore Videos Without Downloading Apps

This is the easiest way you can do to restore deleted videos. You can simply use the App Google Photos without having to download the application first.

  • First, Open the app”Google Photos”.

Open the ‘Google Photos’ App

  • Second, Select the menu in the left corner, then select “Rubbish”.

Select the menu in the left corner, then select ‘Trash’

  • Third, Open the video you want to restore, then select “Healing”.

Open the video you want to recover, then select ‘Recover’

  • Fourth, The video is back in your photo gallery.
  • This method is more effective than the other methods, but you have to sync it first Google Photo with your file manager.

How to Restore Videos Using PC

If you want to restore the lost video using a PC, you can guys.


Open Trash

  • Second, Select sign check” which is in the far right corner of the video.

Select the check mark on the video

  • Third, Select the icon in the right corner.

Select the icon next to the trash image

  • Fourth, Your video has also been successfully restored or successfully returned to the photo gallery.

Tips so that photos and videos are not lost on an Android phone

Here are some tips you can do to avoid missing photos on your Android phone.

1. Backup Photos and Videos to PC or Google Drive

Save Photos on PC

Save photos on PC

To minimize the possibility of photos and videos being deleted, it’s a good idea tobackup photos and videos to the PC. You can insert it directly into your PC, or save the photo to Google Drive.

2. Backup Photos and Videos to Social Media

Save Photos on Social Media

Save photos on Social Media

Apart from using a PC, you can also save photos and videos on social media, guys. You can upload the photo or video to Instagram or Line.

So, if the photo or video is lost in the HP gallery. You can restore it by downloading the video on Instagram or Line.

So, how are you guys? Very easy and fast right? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments column.

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