3 ways to know how long we have been playing mobile without an application

How to find out how long we play HP Smartphones are one of the most widely used gadgets to accompany users’ daily activities, be it to support work, as communication tools, to watch movies or to play games.

However, spending too long in front of a smartphone can also have various negative effects for its users, such as health issues and forgetting of time so that it can interfere with other real world activities.

Therefore, you need to time your smartphone usage accordingly. Of course, to manage HP usage you first need to know how many hours you have used your mobile phone and which applications are used the most.

In this way, you can manage usage and, for example, restrict applications that take up a lot of time. Well, on this occasion, Teknolalat is going to check how we can see how long we play HP, here is the information.

Here’s How To Find Out How Long We Play On Android Phones

This guide on how to check the usage time of this smartphone application can be applied to various Android devices including HP Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi and other Android based smartphones. The following method is also quite simple and doesn’t require any application to be downloaded.

Through digital health functions

The first way to check how long you use your mobile phone in a day is to use the Digital Health or Digital Wellbeing feature. This function was embedded in Android 9.0 (Pie) and can be accessed via the settings to get statistics on smartphone usage.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open menu settings or settings.
  2. Then scroll down and open the menu Digital Health & Parental Control.
    go to the Digital Health & Parental Control menu
  3. In the Your digital medical devices section, tap Show your data.
  4. Then a diagram of today’s smartphone usage appears. Here you can see which apps you use the most, how many unlocks you get, and how many notifications you get.
    Digital Health & Parental Control
  5. Complete.

Through battery consumption

The next way to check HP usage time is to use power usage statistics, especially screen usage. However, this method is a little less accurate because the data is reset when it is loaded.

  1. The first step please open the menu settings or settings.
  2. Next open the menu battery.
    open the battery menu
  3. Then select menu Battery statistics.
    select menu statistics battery
  4. Scroll down and go to the section screen.
    Open screen
  5. Complete.

Here’s How To Find Out How Long We Play Phones On iOS

If the Android device has digital wellbeing, the iOS also has a similar feature called Screen Time. For iPhone and iPad users, you can use this feature to check how long you’ve been using your smartphone. How to check:

  1. Please open the menu first settings.
  2. Then choose Screen time.
  3. Here you can see the smartphone usage statistics for today and a week ago
    Screen time ios iphone
  4. Complete.

Here’s How To Find Out How Long We Play HP In A Day, How Easy Isn’t It ?. By checking the timing of smartphone usage, it is of course very useful to be able to control smartphone usage. Okay and hopefully useful.

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