3 Ways to Get Rid of Playing Colonicle VR

Colonicle as FPS Mobile it can be played normally without VR, but the fun and excitement is in the VR mode. The problem is, when playing using VR it is very vulnerable for some people to become dizzy. Then, how not to get dizzy playing Colonicle VR? We have a method, and it’s actually quite easy and can be applied to other VR games. What are they? Let’s keep reading to know the tricks one by one.

Enough rest

In playing, the break for each session is an important thing to remember. With VR being the main aspect of the Colonicle game experience, as well as a real-life sensation, players sometimes forget that this game is a simulation and can be immersed in it. This seems to tend to result in Cyber ​​Sickness which can occur in excessive use of VR. Therefore, the 5-minute limit on matches is designed so that players don’t get dizzy playing Colonicle, which is one of the symptoms of Cyber ​​Sickness. For those of you who feel they have more immunity in this case, it is also worth remembering to take a break from the VR environment every two – three matches. Rest your eyes for 5 minutes, before re-entering the game.

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Position yourself properly

VR has now come a long way, with sometimes the game experience requires the performance of all members of the user’s body. However, fortunately Colonicle only relies on head and eye movements, so it doesn’t need much movement or changing places to play it. However, that does not mean that there are no minus points from it. By moving your head to the right and left more, and rotating in place, the potential for dizziness playing Colonicle will be easier to occur. So, how you position yourself in playing is an important thing to remember.

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In recommendation, standing position is the ideal position in playing this game. However, by standing for a long time, players can tire quickly and affect their condition, for which many also recommend the second method, rotating chairs. Yes, with a rotating chair, players will be more comfortable when playing this game and the possibility of dizziness playing Colonicle VR will be reduced. In addition, the movement of controlling the direction of rotating to the right or left when playing will also be very helpful.

Medication To Not Dizzy Play Colonicle VR

For the latter, is a secret recipe from one of the Mobidachi writers. Because playing VR requires movement or rather like a long trip in a car or other mode of transportation, taking motion sickness drugs like Antimo will be very helpful to avoid getting dizzy playing Colonicle VR. And, believe it or not, this method is considered the most powerful of the two written above, allowing players to play longer.

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And those are 3 ways to avoid getting dizzy playing Colonicle VR. Guess which way is the best with Mobidachi? Are there other ways that you think are effective? Come on, write your comments below! Don’t forget, for those of you who want to try this game, you can directly download it for Android at the link below. See you in the next article.

COLONICLE : http://bit.ly/ColonicleDc

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