3 ways to clear cache on Xiaomi phones until they are clean

How to clear the Xiaomi cache Cache is a temporary file from an application or website that is stored in internal memory. Basically, the cache is used to speed up the loading of preloaded pages.

In addition, the cache can also save on Internet data consumption, as the application simply loads the stored cache in the form of images, texts or videos. However, apart from their usefulness, cache files also exist that cause problems on the device.

One of the most common problems is cache files that pile up for too long, which also increases the cache size. This too large cache size can make your Xiaomi phone slow.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to delete cache files regularly. Clearing this cache is different from clearing app data, so you don’t have to worry about data loss and re-downloading as the cache will be cleared.

Benefits of Clearing Cache Files

In general, clearing the cache can reduce lag problems on Xiaomi phones. In addition, there are other advantages that you can achieve by emptying the cache on a regular basis. Here are some advantages of clearing the cache:

  • Saves Xiaomi internal storage space so that your internal storage does not fill up so quickly and new applications can be installed smoothly.
  • Overcome the failing application by clearing the cache, the previously failing application will likely work normally and optimally.

Then how do I clean up junk files on this Xiaomi phone. Well, this time Teknolalat has grouped several ways to easily clear the cache on a Xiaomi phone. Let’s take a look at this below.

Here’s how to clear the Xiaomi Mobile Cache until it’s clean

1. How to manually clear the Xiaomi Mobile Cache

How to clear the cache on the first Xiaomi phone by clearing the cache of the installed applications one by one. Although it is done manually, this method of clearing the Xiaomi phone’s cache is very effective.

Cache files that accumulate are generally found in social media applications that display a lot of pictures and videos. Examples of applications with a lot of cache are browsers, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. How to clear the cache on a Xiaomi phone:

  1. Opened first App information for frequently used applications.
  2. Next click delete data on the bottom.
  3. Then click clear cache.
  4. Complete. Please repeat this method for other applications that have a lot of cache like browser, Instagram, TikTok and other applications.
How to clear the cache of Xiaomi phones

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2. How to clear the Xiaomi cache with MI Cleaner

Xiaomi devices have been equipped with MIUI’s standard cleaning application, namely MI Cleaner. This cleaner app will automatically detect and clean up junk files that are causing the storage space to become full.

How to clear cache on Xiaomi phones using MI Cleaner:

  1. Open the Cleaner app from the home screen or from the Security menu.
  2. Then wait for the file scanning process to complete.
  3. Make sure to check the file cache.
  4. Then click the Clean Up button and wait for the cache clearing process to finish.
  5. Complete.
How to clear the cache on Xiaomi phone

3. How to clear the cache with additional apps

This last option of clearing the cache can be an alternative as the use of additional applications has a similar function to the standard Xiaomi cleaner. Using this application is also quite simple and does not require root access. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the app 1tap cleaner via the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the 1Tap Cleaner app and grant the required app permissions.
  3. Next select menu Cache cleaner.
  4. Select and check all apps that have a large enough cache file.
  5. Tap the broom icon to clean up the cache files on your Xiaomi phone.
Clear cache on Xiaomi with additional apps

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Aside from using the 1Tap Cleaner application, there are of course many other cache cleaning applications that you can use. Well, some other recommended junk cleaning apps are CCleaner, Clean Master, and Easy Clean.

This is a review of the cache and how to easily clear the cache on Xiaomi phones. Clearing the accumulated cache makes the Xiaomi phone’s performance more responsive as it is not burdened with the many junk files in the internal memory.

Okay so many articles about cleaning cache files on this Xiaomi, good luck and hopefully it can be useful.

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