3 ways to change photo background online for free 2022

How to edit photo background online – Removing photo backgrounds is a fundamental thing for an editor. Usually this is used to edit photos by changing the background color to red or blue. To change the photo background, editors usually use applications like Photoshop and Corel.

In addition to using editing applications on PCs and laptops, there is actually an easier and more practical way to remove and change photo backgrounds on HP or PC, which is to automatically change photo backgrounds online without using any additional applications.

Of course, this method is pretty straightforward, especially for those of you who rarely use editing applications. Here, all you need is the standard browser application on your smartphone or computer and internet access to remove dandruff Edit photo background online and automatically.

For those of you who want to change photo backgrounds online, you can visit a free online photo background removal website and use the tools provided. For more details, let’s just take a look at the tutorial in the following article.

How to change photo background online for free

Here is a mix of how you can remove and replace automatic photo backgrounds easily and quickly online. Of course, the following methods can be used on computers or Android devices for free and without signing in or registering.

1. How to change the photo background online for free at Remove.bg

Remove.bg is a website to remove and replace photo backgrounds online quickly and for free. The background eraser results are pretty neat as well, and come with extra tools to clean up objects and create a blurring effect.

Here is a tutorial on how to change photo backgrounds for free on Remove.bg:

  • First, open the remove.bg/upload website using a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Next, click the button Upload Image and select a JPG / PNG image to edit the background. You can also select a photo by entering a URL. After that, wait for the upload process to complete.
Upload Removebg photo
  • After the image is uploaded successfully, the website will automatically remove the photo background and you can see the results as below.
  • Then please select the menu To edit to replace the online photo background with a specific image or color.
Edit photo background Removebg
  • If the results of removing the automatic background remove.bg are not clean, you can use the Erase / Recover tool to clean up the background clipping.
Remove Photo Background Removebg
  • Next, please edit the photo background by choosing a background color or template you want.
  • Here I change the online photo background in the Color menu to red. When you’re done, hit the button Download to download the edited photos in PNG format.
Change background Removebg

This is a tutorial on how to automatically edit photos online on the Remove.bg web. With Remove.bg web you can change the blue photo background to red or vice versa.

2. How to change photo background online on PicsArt

PicsArt is a very popular photo editing application for Android and iPhone iOS devices. In addition to the application, PicsArt also offers online photo editing services through a web browser. The features offered by PicsArt are pretty complete for online photo editing.

Here is a tutorial on how to change photo backgrounds online using PicsArt:

  • Please open the PicsArt web first and then click the button Upload and select the photo whose background you want to change.
Upload PicsArt photos
  • Continue in the top menu, please open the menu eraser.
Open the Eraser Tools menu
  • Then open the menu Remove background in the left menu. Then select the option PERSON and wait for the background removal process. When the photo background has been deleted, please click the button Use.
Remove PicsArt photo background
  • Then click on the blank area around the photo to bring up the menu on the top. Then click menu colour.
Open the color menu
  • Choose the background color you want, for example red.
Change PicsArt photo background
  • Finally, save the edited background by clicking the button Download in the upper right corner. Of course, the file name, format, and photo quality are up to 88% when you use the free version. Then click the button Download on the bottom.
  • Complete.

3. How to change photo background online in PhotoScissors

Just like remove.bg, the PhotoScissore website also has a feature to easily change the background or photo background. The result is pretty neat as well as with editing software.

Here is a guide on how to change photo background online without logging in with PhotoSccissors:

  • First, visit the PhotoScissors website using a web browser.
  • After the website opens, click the button Upload Image and select the photo file to be edited or replaced with a background, the photo size is no more than 10MB. Then wait for the upload process to complete.
Upload photos of scissors
  • When the upload is complete, the photo background will be automatically deleted and the results will be as follows.
Edit scissors photo background
  • To tidy up the section, please use the foreground function (menu + green color) and delete markings. You can block foreground photo objects until it feels neat.
Scissors remove photo background
  • After you’ve cut the background, it will feel right and neat. As shown below, click the second menu in the right pane to change the background.
  • Then choose a background, it can be a picture or a solid color. Here I changed the background to yellow.
Change background of scissors photo
  • Finally, click the Save button to download the edited image in PNG format.
  • Complete.

Features of PhotoScissors

  • Instantly remove complex backgrounds from photos
  • Simply separate foreground and background
  • Change background
  • Create a collage
  • Remove the background around the hair
  • Remove background from transparent object
  • Cutting things
  • Create isolated images with colored or transparent backgrounds
  • Remove background for eBay, Etsy or Amazon listings
  • Set the background to any color, including transparent
  • Preparing product images for online stores
  • Supports common graphic formats (PNG and JPG)
  • No technical or design skills required

Far above are 2 ways to change the photo background online. Of course, there are many benefits that you can get, in addition to the pretty neat editing results, editing photos online on various devices can be done easily and quickly.

Online Photo Background Eraser and Editing Web

But for those of you who may find it difficult to use the photo background editing website above. As an alternative, you can visit and try out the features of some of the following free online photo background editing websites.

The last word

This is an overview of how to change photo backgrounds online for free and automatically without any additional applications. The features provided by the website allow you to easily remove the photo background and quickly change it to red or blue.

All right, that’s the entire tutorial article on changing this photo background online, good luck and hopefully it will come in handy. If there is any information and tutorials that are not clear, please comment below.

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