3 tips to help your squad with Free Fire!

For the player Free fire It certainly plays the most important role in battle royale games.

Let’s see that professional players who like to play and have won big tournaments have a unique role in the team.

Since each person has a different play style, it is difficult for beginners to find a role that suits them.

Some can be played from the beginning, while others need to be adapted to mobile controls.

To Free fire, There are so many roles you can take to help your squad get Booyah!

One of them is the support role, which is the role that helps your team defeat the enemy.

FF’s role support is very different from other battle royale games. This is because the FF technique is also different.

Here’s how to get the best support for your team with Free Fire:

Tips for getting support with Free Fire!

Use support character skills

If you want to consider being supported by your team, use character skills that can help your teammates.

Do not acquire skills related to your own safety, such as skills. DJ Aroku. New character K / Captain Bouya Very suitable as a support team.

There are also characters Moko You can mark enemies and your skills Cl This is almost the same as Moco. That way, you can help your teammates defeat other units.

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You can read the atmosphere and position of the war

Support must be in the right position to read the mood and help a team of peers.

Of course, this is very important.

Free Fire Resuscitation Kit, Free Fire Wallpaper

If the supporters do not help the assault soldiers, you will lose the war.

This allows the rusher to detect the presence of the enemy’s position and immediately advance and destroy the enemy.

Hone your shooting skills!

Good support also requires solid skills, as you must be able to help the rush when fighting.

If you don’t damage the enemy, it doesn’t make sense if you don’t shoot. So before you get good support, you must first practice shooting.

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These are tips from us to make you the most perfect support of your friends!

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