3 Things Not To Do While Playing Games During Fasting Month

GridGames.ID – Playing games can be an option to fill your spare time while fasting.

For example, you can push rank if you are waiting for the call to prayer or when you stay up late waiting for sahur.

Eits, but there are things that should not be done while playing games in the month of fasting so that our fasting is maintained, yha!

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Here are things you shouldn’t do while playing games in the month of fasting.

1. Throwing obscenities (Toxic)

Well, this one thing is indeed a bit difficult to do, especially if you sometimes reflexively say dirty words, aka toxic.

If you’re really annoyed because you’ve lost playing a game or a teammate isn’t really that bad, you really have to endure it so it’s not toxic.

From now on, you have to control it well and always remember that you are playing games while fasting.

2. Easily provoked by emotions

The source of the toxicity in the first point is that it’s easy to be provoked by emotions, where you can’t control your emotions when playing games.

For example, if you want to push rank, you even get a lost streak. Be patient, this is a test in the month of fasting so you won’t be easily provoked by emotions.

Reduce the rich, yes, if you don’t want your fast to be canceled because of playing games.

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3. Forget to rest

One of the habits of gamers that cannot be eliminated is forgetting to rest.

Because the fun of playing games, breaks are forgotten, there is even no time to rest at all.

Our sleep time in the month of fasting is different and slightly less than usual, because we have to wake up in the morning.

So, make sure to always prioritize rest and manage your playing time so that rest and playing games are balanced.


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