2019 e-Sports Branch President’s Cup: Fighting Stigma with Achievements

As we know it. The rampant development of the game industry in Indonesia in the last 5 years has advanced significantly. Now, the game is not only enjoyed by certain circles. However, it has also penetrated all groups of society, not limited to Gender and Disability. Unfortunately, it is undeniable that for some people, playing games is still underestimated. Actually, what is it that makes this event important?

Taking Evidence from Jakarta Asian Games 2022

2019 e-Sports Branch President Cup: Fighting Stigma with Achievements
2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, E-Sports Branch

The government’s seriousness in working on electronic sports has actually been proven through the 2022 Jakarta Asian Games, where the event that was held changed the world’s eyes towards Indonesia as a more advanced country in its support in the digital field. Of course, this has succeeded in fighting the stigma of backwardness in Indonesia as a developing country. Millions of world praise for Indonesia brings a better image.

The Presidential Command Involves Various Ministers, Large Companies, to Public Figures.

2019 e-Sports Branch President Cup: Fighting Stigma with Achievements
President’s Cup Press Conference

“After the Asian Games last year. President Joko Widodo pays great attention to e-Sports and sees the great potential of this industry for the progress of Indonesia.” Say Presidential Chief of Staff, Dr Moeldoko

The event, which was launched at the command of President Jokowi, also involved a number of ministers and large companies. Among them; Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), Ministry of Youth and Sports, Presidential Staff Office (KSP), Ministry of Communication and Information (KEMENKOMINFO), and Indonesia Esports Premier League (IESPL).

Meanwhile, there are mega companies such as Bank Central Asia (BCA), and Blibi.com. Public Figure like Tobias ‘jessnolimit’ Justin as Brand Ambassadors. and Giring Ganesha as the President of IESPL were also involved in the 2022 Presidential Cup collaboration in the electronic sport.

Fighting Stigma with Achievement. The President’s Cup is a Dream Come True.

2019 e-Sports Branch President Cup: Fighting Stigma with Achievements
The exchange of signatures on the President’s Cup jacket as a symbol of cooperation

It feels like a dream, what a struggle gamers over the last 10 years little by little began to materialize. It’s quite strange to compare 10 years ago our parents were against the game and forbade us to play. Often the children at that time secretly to play. Although the stigma about games is now starting to shift in a more positive direction. But it is not uncommon to find cases where Indonesian people still identify games with laziness and opium. In fact, equated with drugs.

Technological progress and developments cannot be ruled out. Going against the tide of digital progress will only make us outdated. It’s time to accept the fact that digital advancements are now opening up new opportunities for the younger generation. What is needed now is education for these developments. Its use needs to be directed to where it should be, so that the Indonesian people are not easily consumed by technology.

How to register for the 2022 e-Sports Presidential Cup can be clicked on the following link:

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