2019 Becomes Pokemon GO’s Best Year, Earns Highest Earnings

2019 Be the best year Pokemon GO

2022 Be the best year Pokemon GO

GridGames.id –2019 Yesterday was the best year for the Pokemon Go game since its release.

Because, Pokemon GO managed to achieve several important achievements during 2022. Among them, the highest income from players.

The latest report released by Sensor Tower shows that Pokemon GO managed to reap the largest revenue in 2022.

In total, Pokemon GO players have spent $894 million in the game.

This number increased rapidly from 2022 ago and was recorded as the highest in Pokemon GO history.

This number even beats the achievements of Pokemon GO when it was first released in 2022.

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In 2022, Pokemon GO successfully grossed $832 million.

However, in 2022, players didn’t spend too much money on Pokemon GO.

In 2022, Pokemon GO recorded revenue of only $589, down about 29 percent.

However, that number returned again in 2022.

In 2022, Pokemon GO grossed $816 million.

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The high income of Pokemon GO is allegedly due to the presence of Team Rocket characters.

The Team Rocket character was present at the end of July 2022 yesterday, making revenue in August and September 2022 increase yesterday.

Pokemon GO earned $116 million in August 2022 and $126 million in September 2022.

Pokemon GO revenue from year to year

Pokemon GO revenue from year to year

If you look at the operating system, Android users actually contribute more to Pokemon GO than iOS.

Android users spent $482 million, while iOS users spent a total of $412 million.


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