2 ways to temporarily disable WhatsApp on Android 2022

How to temporarily disable WhatsApp for the latest 2022

How to disable WA. in the interim – WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications today on both Android and iPhone devices. WhatsApp was created to replace the BlackBerry Messenger application. Of course, WhatsApp as a chat application offers all functions, from sending messages and making calls to creating status reports.

As a chat application, WhatsApp needs both WiFi and cellular data so that users can receive and send messages or calls. But sometimes users need to temporarily disable WhatsApp for some reason.

Then how can one temporarily turn off WA without having to turn off internet data on an Android phone? For those of you who want to temporarily turn off WhatsApp without turning off cellular data or wifi, let’s just watch the tutorial below.

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How to temporarily disable WhatsApp on Android

1. Temporarily disable WA through Settings

In the first method, temporarily disabling WA on Android is quite simple as it does not require any additional applications and of course it can be applied to different smartphones, both Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, etc.

Here are the steps to temporarily disable WA from Settings:

1. First open the Settings or Settings menu on your smartphone. Then select the Applications section.

How to disable WhatsApp without an app

2. Next, find and select the WhatsApp application. It’s usually at the bottom because it’s sorted alphabetically.

How to disable WhatsApp without an app

3rd Next, please click the Force Stop or Force Close button. Please select OK in the warning message.

How to disable WhatsApp without an app

How to temporarily disable WA without using any additional applications. To turn WhatsApp back on, all you have to do is open the WhatsApp application as usual and message and call notifications will come back.

2. Temporarily disable WA on Android using apps

The next way to turn off WA is to use an additional application, the application is Greenify, which you can download for free. This application allows you to easily disable various applications, especially WhatsApp.

The way the Greenify application works is similar to that of Doze on Android 6.0 and above, which turns off background applications when the smartphone is not in use, but Greenify can turn them off even though it is in use.

Here are the steps to temporarily disable WA using Greenify:

1. First, download and install the Greenify application from the link below. The size of this application is quite small at around 4MB.

Greenify | Load game

2. After the installation, please open the Greenify application and select the mode that is NOT rooted or rooted. Please adapt to your smartphone if root then allows Super su or magisk access.

Click on NEXT and then allow access to the Greenify app.

How to turn off WhatsApp with apps

3rd Then click the plus button +, you can use the lower right corner or the upper right corner.

How to turn off WhatsApp with apps

4th Next, please select Show other applications. Then find and select WhatsApp and then click the check mark.

How to turn off WhatsApp with apps

5. Finally, select the WhatsApp application and select the Sleep (Zzz) menu at the bottom to turn off the WhatsApp application.

How to turn off WhatsApp with apps

With the Greenify application, it will certainly be easier to disable various applications including WhatsApp. Just add apps and choose to sleep.

The last word…

How to temporarily deactivate WA on your smartphone. This allows you to turn off WhatsApp without having to turn off cellular data or WiFi.

Well that is all for this short article, good luck and hopefully it will be useful. If there are any issues or tutorials that may not be clear, please comment below.

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