2 Ways to Pay Credit Credit Telkomsel / simPATi Anti-Fail! (Latest 2020)

Running out of credit when we are in need and urgent will certainly make us upset. The reason is that the refill stalls, ATMs, internet banking and other things cannot be reached due to distance, time or other problems.

Telkomsel is one of the cellular telecommunications operator companies that continues to provide the best service to satisfy its customers. The largest company, known for its widest network, turned out to provide a solution to the problems above.

Credit credit service for Telkomsel card users is present as a form of the company’s commitment to help users solve this problem.

Basically, this service isn’t actually debt or borrow credit to the Telkomsel company but to your own friends and relatives who use Telkomsel cards as well.

This article will tell you how to pay Telkomsel / simPATI credit. Let’s see the explanation regarding the terms and conditions of Telkomsel credit debt below.

2 Ways to Pay Credit Credit Telkomsel / simPATI

This excellent company with good signal coverage supports request and credit transfer services that can be used when the user is on the move need pulse.

So, actually you have to tell your partner in advance to be able to lend their Telkomsel credit. Thus, when we ask for a debt of a number of credits, he will be willing to send the credit to us.

Well, to be able to use Telkomsel’s emergency credit credit service, it turns out that there are several things that you can do Terms and Conditions. Read carefully the following explanation:

  • Cards that send and receive credit are: you’re welcome Telkomsel.
  • The credit sending card must be in an active period and must not be in a grace period. Keep in mind, this credit loan service will not extend your active period. Therefore, you don’t need to be confused when the credit has been entered but active period does not change. This is because we are not charging pulses but only borrowing credit.
  • The maximum nominal limit of credit that can be sent is 200,000
  • The maximum limit for borrowing credit can only be done 10 times a day.
  • The credit sender must have a minimum credit nominal of 5000 to be able to transfer credit to users who borrow credit.

Method 1: Via Dial

  1. Borrower’s cellphone: Please open the call menu on your phone > then type *858# > then press call/call/yes/dial.
    how to pay Telkomsel credit / simPATI
  2. Borrower’s cellphone: Next, please select menu 2 Request Credit > then press Send.
    Step 2 dial - select menu 2
  3. Borrower’s HP: Then please enter destination number which will be asked for credit > then press Send / send.
    how to pay Telkomsel / simPATI credit via SMS
  4. Borrower’s cellphone: After that, enter the amount of credit requested > then press Send.
  5. Borrower’s cellphone: Then please check the amount of credit, number and fees you have to spend (Rp 100) > if it is correct and agree, please select menu 1 Agree > then press Send.
    Step 5 dial - select 1
  6. Lender’s cellphone: Next, an SMS will be sent from 858 regarding information on credit borrowers > then please reply to Transfer Yes > then press Send/send/reply. Please note that to make a transfer or sending credit will be charged a fee of Rp. 2000.
    how to pay credit

Method 2: Via SMS

Unlike the first Telkomsel / simPATI credit credit method, the borrower and lender must be involved in a series of steps. This second method turns out to be faster and easier, but the credit provider must know your number first.

Open your message/SMS > then type TPULSA Nominal Credit > then send it to a friend’s number who needs credit.

Step 1
That’s an article about how to pay Telkomsel credit. So, the conclusion, Telkomsel combining transfer and credit request services with credit credit services.

Therefore, you must have friends or relatives who are willing to lend you their Telkomsel credit. So he will be willing and agree to the request when you are borrowing his Telkomsel credit.

Telkomsel also provides an automatic credit transfer service according to the nominal and agreed date. So, for those of you who don’t want to be bothered by using the Telkomsel credit above method too often, you can ask your partner to list your phone number as an automatic recipient for the credit transfer he sent.