2 ways to calculate the latest WR Mobile Legends 2022

How to calculate WR ML – Win rate is one of the most important things in Mobile Legends. You can see how great the game is from Mobile Legends players by looking at the win rate. Hence, many players aim for victory in order to increase the WR.

A high ML win rate is usually followed by high gaming skills on the individual and team side. Additionally, a high WR can be a source of pride for players as it indicates a good player and often wins games.

What is the win rate in Mobile Legends?

Players who have just started playing Mobile Legends may not be familiar with the term Win Rate (WR). Win rate is the percentage of wins out of the total games you played.

So all information about this win percentage is automatically recorded in your account and you can see the change in the WR immediately after the game. There are currently two types of win rates in Mobile Legends, namely:

  1. Account Win Rate: Win percentage calculated based on the entire game. Win Rate This account is divided into the current season and all seasons. You can check the WR of your ML account in the menu profile -> Battlefield -> statistics.
  2. Win rate hero: Percentage of wins calculated from the total game when using a hero. You can also check the WR Hero stats for the current season or all seasons. You can see your favorite WR heroes below profile -> Battlefield -> favourite.

This is a little glimpse into the win rate in the Mobile Legends game. But have you ever calculated how many wins it will take to get the WR you want?

Well this time Teknolalat will show how WR Mobile Legends are calculated automatically via the WR counter site. Let’s take a look at the following tutorial.

How to Calculate WR Mobile Legends

Via the web Johsteven.github

The Johsteven.github website allows you to calculate various game percentages ranging from the WR desired, total wins and losses, to the decrease in WR due to losses. How to calculate WR ML in Johsteven:

  1. Visit the website johsteven.github.io/counter-wr/.
  2. Next, enter the overall match of your account in the column ‘Your total number of matches‘, for example: 76.
  3. Then fill in the column ‘Your entire WR‘with your current inverter without%, for example: 64.
  4. Then write the WR you are looking for by adding the column ‘How much win rate do you want?‘, for example: 75.
  5. Click button Results.
  6. After that, it will show how many wins you need to make to get the win rate you want.

Via the CalculateWR.com site

Calculatewr is a site that you can also use to calculate WR ML. This web interface is similar to Johsteven, so the usage is the same. Below are the steps to calculate WR ML:

  1. Go to hitungwr.com.
  2. Enter the overall match of your account in the column ‘Your total number of matches‘.
  3. Then enter your current WR in the column ‘Your total win rate‘.
  4. Then write your WR goal in the column ‘How much win rate do you want?‘.
  5. Click button Results.
  6. Complete.

Note that when entering a win rate presentation, you only need to enter the number or without it (%). For example, you choose a win rate of 64% from 76 matches, then simply write down the win rate with the number 64.

How to calculate WR ML. Like, it’s easy, isn’t it? If you know the total number of games and your current win rate, the site can help you calculate the number of games it will take to meet the WR goal.

Of course, to get the maximum WR you have to play more seriously and more compactly. Okay, so many articles on how to calculate these WR Mobile Legends. Good luck and hopefully the tutorial above can be useful.

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