2 ways to access the latest ML Advance Server 2022

How to Enter Advance Server ML – Mobile Legends has multiple servers that are used in the game, starting with the Original Server, Advanced Server, and Tournament Server.

In general, players play with the original server. Then there is an Advance Server, which can be interpreted as a test server.

On the Advance server, Update the latest version is published and tested before switching to the original server. Moonton will readjust suboptimal updates later.

So that when it is released for the original server Update it meets expectations and is minimal failure. Well, if you are interested in Advance Server ML, you can take a look at the review below …

Advantages of Advance Server Mobile Legends

  • Latest event updates: On the Advance Server you can find out about the latest events coming on the Original Server. From the materials you need, the missions to complete, to the prizes you will receive.
  • Try out new heroes and free makeover heroes: Moonton regularly releases new heroes and revamped heroes that have lost popularity. Well, on this Advance Server, you can discover new heroes and revisions that will be published on the original server and try them out for free.
  • Free diamonds: You can get a lot of promos on the Advance Server and you can get a lot of diamonds for free.
  • Try the latest patch updates: You can also find out about patch updates such as buff, nerf or adjustments to heroes, items to other game systems. This is how you can predict the new META that will be on the original server.

Differences in accounts already and no access to Advance Server possible

Finding out that a Mobile Legends account already has access to the Advance Server is easy. Please open Mobile Legends and go to the menu profile your account, then open Account settings.

Then watch on the right to see if there is an option Change server, then the account could access the Advance Server. But if still Introduction to the Advance Server, then the account does not yet have access.

How to Enter Advance Server ML

In this article, Teknolalat has summarized two methods you can use to try entering Advance Server ML. Here’s a guide …

1. How to join Advance Server ML with a fishing account

The first way to enter the Advance Server is to use a different account or a decoy account. You can borrow it from your friends who have an Advance Server account. Well here are the steps:

  1. Prepare a Mobile Legends account that is already connected to the Advance Server.
  2. Next, please log in or switch to the Advance Server account.
  3. If so, go to profile in the upper left corner -> Account settings.
  4. Then switch to an account that is not connected to the Advance server through Moonton, Play Games, FB or Twitter.
  5. After the appearance Account switch successful, do not press the OK button. Please press here Back button on your mobile phone until you return to the Account Settings menu.
  6. Still on the Account Settings menu, click the Change Account menu.
  7. Then select the account labeled “Extended server“And click on the button Change server -> OK.
  8. After that, the ML application will restart and you will need to update the resources required to access the Advance Server.
  9. Finally, please enter the new account details. If so, then you have successfully entered the Advance Server.

To return to the original server, please open the account settings again and then select “Original server” at the bottom right.

2. How to enter Advance Server ML without another account

For the second method, this is the normal way to enter Advance Server in Mobile Legends, so there are no special tricks and no incentive account.

Here are the steps to log into Advance Server ML:

  • Go to Account Profile in the top corner.
  • Then go to the menu Account settings.
  • Please click on the right side Introduction to the Advance Server.
  • Then press the login button to go to the Advance Server.

Remarks: To enter Advance Server ML without another account, you can only do so on Thursday at 3pm to be precise.

Then the Advance Server will be updated and new players can participate. Also, make sure that you meet the following general requirements.

Terms and Conditions for the Mobile Legends Advance Server

  • The Mobile Legends account is level 15 and above.
  • Have a stable internet connection or network
  • Mobile Legends Advanced Server is not full.

So this is a guide on how to enter the latest Advance Server ML 2022 using the bait account method and without borrowing a bait account.

Okay, so many articles on this Mobile Legends game. Good luck and hopefully it can be useful to those of you who want to enter the Advance Server.

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