2 PUBG Mobile is being worked on, Can it dominate the Mobile market?

BLUE HOLE Collaborating with Tencent Games in releasing PUBG MOBILE

Blue hole company, which is currently on the rise with its PUBG game, feels a little annoyed when many games on various platforms indirectly imitate the concept and gameplay of PUBG, namely Battle Royale. Not wanting to lose his loyal fans, Blue Hole collaborates directly with one of the giants in Asia, namely Tencent Games, which is already famous for its network.

Both PUBG Mobile games use Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 which will spoil your eyes when playing on a mobile phone.

Tencent Games does not seem to be half-hearted in developing the PUBG Mobile game, because Tencent immediately appointed 2 game studios as the PUBG Mobile development team. TIMI Studio and Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, each will develop PUBG Mobile games that are different both in terms of gameplay and image display.

Lightspeed & Quantum Studio PUBG MOBILE BATTLEFIELD

When viewed from the trailer display, the game produced by Lightspeed & Quantum studio is more like the original PUBG game, not too different from the PC or XBOX versions. PUBG Mobile has a Battlefield theme where it still uses Last Man Standing as the big theme.

Two PUBG Mobile Games are being worked on, Can they dominate the Mobile market?


Two PUBG Mobile Games are being worked on, Can they dominate the Mobile market? Two PUBG Mobile Games are being worked on, Can they dominate the Mobile market?

Meanwhile, the PUBG Mobile game from TIMI Studios, when viewed from the trailer, shows more of a shootout using vehicles, be it existing vehicles such as motorbikes and ATVs to battles in the sea and air. It looks like this Army attack theme will give more things than the existing PUBG because it adds elements of war vehicles.

Which game do you play PUBG Mobile?

Now from the two PUBG Mobile games above, unfortunately, none of them will be released outside of China or to Europe / America. So now those who want to try may be able to directly look for the APK Installer, or keep playing with battle royale games that are already on Mobile. It all depends on which game you want to play, just make sure you are comfortable, and the specifications of your cellphone are also sufficient to play, so that it is not too lag and disturbed. After that, it’s time for winner winner chicken dinner

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