16 Ways to Increase Magic Attack Damage in Ragnarok M

Magic Attack Damage Ragnarok M


Magic Attack Damage Ragnarok M

GridGames.ID – For those of you Mage users who have transformed into Wizards or High Wizards, of course you really need Magic Attack Damage for farming and others.

Not only Mage and the next job, but any job that has Magic skills will require Magic Attack Damage for sure.

Here are 16 ways to increase Magic Attack Damage in the game Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

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1. Stat

Stat Wizard Ragnarok M


Stat Wizard Ragnarok M

The most basic and obvious way to increase physical attack is through the stats you have. INT will increase magic damage and for every 3 points in DEX, your Variable Cast Time (VCT) will decrease by 0.1 seconds.

Lowering the cast time will increase your entire DPS (damage per second) because you can kill monsters faster.

2. Equipment

The second main source of damage is the equipment you have. This aims to increase the +MAtk, +MAtk%, and Refine MAtk stats that you have.


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