15 Best Offline Zombie War Games on Android

Hello smart friends! Playing games on the sidelines of spare time can indeed make the mind come back fresh yes. One of genre Most played games are RPG games.

Well, for you game fans RPG horror themed, let’s try it Zombie war games offline which you can play on smartphone Android. What are you curious about? Let’s see the following article to the end.

Here’s the Best Offline Zombie War Game on Android

1. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

The first zombie war game is Dead Effect 2. Have size download around 1.1 GB, making this RPG game quite popular.

Because the graphics presented by this game really make the eyes feel comfortable playing it for quite a long time. Apart from playing online offline, you can play this game online on line lol.

You will be a special force that is required to eradicate the zombies. Equip yourself with very powerful weaponry.

2. Zombie Age 2: The Last Stand

Zombie Age 2 - The Last Stand

Zombie Age 2 – The Last Stand

Zombie Age 2: The Last Stand is the next zombie war game that you can play online offline.

Set in a city, you are required to kill zombies that come from any direction. Use a gun or gun melee which exists. You can also use equipment or do upgrade against weapons.

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3. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

Who doesn’t know about this legendary PC game? Yep, now you can play this game on smartphone Android.

Continuing the success of the sequel Plants vs. Zombies the first, this game still presents a war between plants and zombies.

4. Into The Dead

Into The Dead

Into The Dead

Zombie apocalypse? Survive and run as far as possible. Games Into The Dead This forces you to survive from zombie attacks and run as far as possible.

Search chests to get weapons and dodge zombie attacks. Don’t get caught if you don’t want to die!

5. Zombie Survival: Game of Dead

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival

The next zombie war game is Zombie Survival: Game of Dead. In this game you will act as D-Man.

D-Man is the only person who survived the zombie attack. Collect coins and diamonds toupgrade your weapon.

With the size download 56 MB, this game is successful to keep you entertained when playing it. Because this game has pretty cool graphics.

6. Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2

Now you can easily enjoy the sensation of running away from zombies and shooting them from inside the car by playing games Zombie Highway 2.

You are required to hit zombies on the road or shoot zombies that manage to jump towards your car.

You can also do upgrade vehicles and weapons to defeat the zombies. Interested in playing it? Requires approx. memory 90 MB-an to download Zombie Highway 2.

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7. Zombie Frontier: Sniper

Zombie Frontier - Sniper

Zombie Frontier – Sniper

Has a download size of approx. 48 MB-an, doesn’t necessarily make this war game have bad graphics.

Development game FT Games It has a pretty stunning graphic display, as well as gameplay which is easy to understand.

You are required to finish off the zombies using any weapon you can upgrade. What’s more you can also use equipment to survive the zombie attack.

8. Zombie Killer

Zombie Killer

Zombie Killer

Kill the zombies that come to survive. This FPS game is quite interesting to play.

Have size download around 13 MB, you can play this game anytime and anywhere. Upgrades your weapon to kill the zombies.

9. Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary

Survive alone from zombie attacks that come from anywhere. Equip yourself with lethal weapons.

Also select the character you want to use. Have size download around 13 MB, this game has a graphic display that is quite indulgent.

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10. Zombie Age

Zombie Age

Zombie Age

Packed with a view that is quite simple and simple, the game Zombies age suitable for you to play in your spare time.

Because gameplay of this game is also very easy. That is, you just have to shoot zombies so as not to enter the yard.

11. Dead Target: Zombie

Dead Target - Zombie

Dead Target – Zombie

The next zombie war game that you can play is Dead Target: Zombie. Games by size 73 MB it has graphics that are no less wow with other games.

You will become a war veteran who is required to finish off the zombies. Upgrade your weapons to have more lethal attacks.

12. Zombie Smacker: Smasher

Zombie Smacker - Smasher

Zombie Smacker – Smasher

Afraid of zombies? Try it games this one. It is guaranteed that you will not be afraid of the zombies in this game. Because the zombie characters in this game are quite funny and cute.

To play this game is quite easy, you only need to use your finger and hit the zombie’s head to kill it. Games that are only sized 29 MB This also requires you to be more thorough in destroying zombie heads.

13. Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombie

Stupid Zombie

Stupid Zombies is a war game against zombies the next offline that you can play on smartphone Android.

This game is different from the previously mentioned zombie games. Because in this game you have to kill zombies in an unusual way, by bouncing a shot at the wall in order to kill all the zombies.

14. Zombie Craze

Zombie Craze

Zombie Craze

Yep, the next zombie war game is Zombies Craze. This game requires you to kill zombies that attack the city.

Have size download around 40 MB, this game has a pretty unique animated graphics. This game is also easy to play.

Your character’s movement uses analog to search for zombies who want to attack the city. Complete the mission and finish the game.

15. Zombie Call: Trigger 3D First Person Shooter Game

Zombie Call

Zombie Call

Playing the role of a surviving military member, you are required to finish off the zombies trying to attack the military base.

Upgrade your best weapon to be able to finish off the zombies that come. This fun game has size download around 44 MB.

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Well, those are some recommendations for zombie war games that you can play offline on Facebook smartphone Android.

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