15 Best Adventure Games for Android

Adventure Games or Adventure games are one of the most entertaining game genres, guys. Surely this game genre is very fun to play.

Of course there are many adventure games that you can try to play on Android devices. Do you know or not guys?

If you don’t know the best adventure games that you can play on Android, try the following games!

Best Adventure Game Collection for Android

1. Oceanhorn™

Oceanhorn also included in the adventure game which is very recommended to play. This game also has very stunning graphics.

In this Adventure game, you will play the role of a child who is looking for his father. The only things that can help you are an old notebook and a mysterious necklace.

Explore every island in Uncharted Seas, a world full of dangers, puzzles, and secrets.

Fight the monsters that come your way and learn magic. This game does require you to think hard, guys.

Use your wits to solve the mysteries of the ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea giants Oceanhorn.

You can download and play this game for free, but to continue the story in full, you have to pay some money, guys.

Even though it is paid, the resulting story is very worth it. So you won’t regret paying for it.

Name Oceanhorn™
Size 250MB

2. Durango: Wild Lands

One of the adventure games with an open world genre is Durango: Wild Lands. In this game you will be in the Age of Dinosaurs.

Your task is to survive on an island where there are various kinds of ancient animals, yes, it’s similar to a survival game.

Explore the vast island, gather your necessities, hunt animals, settle down, build a defense, trade, cooperate, and compete with other players in your own way.

In the world of Durango, you are free to do anything, whether it’s cooking, farming, sewing clothes, taming Dinosaurs, and anything else you can do.

How are you guys? Interested in trying this adventure game? Guaranteed you will be addicted to playing it.

Name Durango: Wild Lands
Size 91MB


Who doesn’t know this Adventure game? yep, LIMBO is a best-selling game on PC and is now available on the platform Android.

This game will make you think extra. Just imagine you have to solve puzzles to continue the journey.

Although it is very fun to play, you have to spend as much as Rp67,389,- to buy this game via Play Store.

Eits, even though it’s not free, everything will definitely pay off with the gameplay that is presented. You will enjoy its own sensation when playing it.

4. Gangstar Vegas

Well, if you want to play games like GTA but that are not paid, then you can try playing this Gangstar Vegas game, guys.

Enjoy everything this adventure game has to offer, from shooting up rival gangs and stealing cars to race, to trying your luck at the casino!

For fans of FPS games, you really have to try this Gangstar Vegas game. Surely it will make you addicted to playing it.

Go on an exciting adventure in the famous city, Las Vegas. Be the most respected criminal in the city.

Name Gangstar Vegas
Size 46MB

5. Sky Dancer

The next best adventure game is Sky Dancer. This game that has parkour gameplay is certainly very challenging to play.

You will play as a parkour runner playing in space or other cool places in the world.

Maybe if you see this game it will be easy to play, but if you play it really this game is very, very difficult to play.

Of course, that is the main attraction of this game. In addition to its very cool graphic display, this game also doesn’t take up quota, aka can be played online offline.

Name Sky Dancer
Size 89MB

6. Ice Age Adventures

Based on the cartoon of the same name, game Ice Age Adventures this becomes the next choice adventure game to play.

Because game development Gameloft It has easy-to-play graphics and gameplay. You will play as Sid, Diego, or Manny to play this game.

Explore the whole island to find new places, and complete all the missions given. Oh yes, this game can also be played online offline lol!

Name Ice Age Adventures
Size 58MB

7. Alto’s Adventure

This game is one of the best mobile games, guys. Not only that, this game is also an interactive work of art.

What you have to do in this game is that you and your team have to embark on an endless snowboarding adventure.

You and your team will pass through the beautiful alpine hills of the original wilderness, you and your team will also pass through villages, ancient forests and the ruins of old uninhabited buildings.

Along the way, you must be able to save runaway llamas, grind roofs, jump over terrible chasms and have to outwit the mountain elders.

Name Alto’s Adventure
Size 66MB

8. Criminal Case

Criminal Case is the next Adventure game that requires you to solve a series of murder cases that occurred.

Investigate crime scene to look for clues, drag suspects for questioning, and analyze evidence to catch who is the mastermind in the case.

Of course with these interesting things will make this game even more fun to play. You can play this game online or offline.

Name Criminal Case
Size 65MB

9. Yalghaar

Yalghaar is an adventure game with a war genre that has pretty stunning graphics. In this offline FPS game you will fight against terrorists who threaten the future of the younger generation.

Experience the thrill of rescuing hostages, neutralizing enemy attacks, defuse bombs or mines, and take out all snipers in this game.

Equip yourself with advanced weaponry and lead your troops to victory in the game.


In this adventure game, players are required to control one of the inhabitants of the forest. Aims to uncover what’s wrong in the forest.

On his way, he will encounter traps and obstacles that sharpen our brains. Output games Frogmind This is one of the best adventure games since it was first released.

BADLAND is an amazing game that makes you addicted and can’t stop playing it. So, hurry up and download it.

11. Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game

Dare to play horror games? Try an exciting adventure game with a horror theme that will make you think extra called Ghost Town Adventure: Mystery Riddles Game.

Because this fun game requires you to solve puzzles about a city that is cursed to be haunted.

Fight evil ghosts, concoct magic ingredients or magic potions, then explore mysterious houses and uncover secrets Ghost Town.

Name Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game
Size 96MB

12. Dragon Land

The next best adventure game that you can try to play is Dragon Land. This game has 3D graphics that are so stunning, guys.

It’s guaranteed that once you play this game, you’ll want to keep playing it. Save the other dragons that were kidnapped by the evil spirit. You can also change the dragon character used after unlocking the dragon character.

Defeat evil bosses to save your friends. You can play this game without spending the slightest quota.

Name Dragon Land
Size 58MB

13. The Walking Dead: Season One

Yep, the game based on this film series is indeed very interesting to try. This game certainly has very ‘graphics’Wow‘ to play.

Although it has clear graphics, this game certainly has its drawbacks. The disadvantages of this game are you have to pay to be able to play the next episodes.

But even so, you will be presented with an interesting storyline, along with gameplay that is so stunning, guys. So, it’s really worth it.

Name The Walking Dead: Season One
Size 1.1GB

14. Last Day on Earth: Survival

The next adventure game is Last Day on Earth: Survival. As the name implies, you have to survive from zombie attacks.

Complete your defenses with existing weapons. Find food and drink to survive, and kill zombies that try to get close.

You can also build houses and bases that can be used to protect yourself from zombie attacks. Watch out! Don’t let the zombies eat you.

Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Size 164MB

15. Nono Island

The next best adventure game on Android is Nono Island. This game will take you to the islands Nono to find lost treasure.

You will find various kinds of obstacles on the island. Pass each stage that exists to proceed to the next stage.

The further the stage you pass, the more difficult the obstacles you will face. How? Are you ready for an exciting adventure?

Name Nono Islands
Size 71MB

The final word

Those are some recommendations for the best Adventure games on Android that you can try to play. Invite your friends to play it.

So don’t forget to share this article, so your friends can also play adventure games that are very exciting like you.

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