13 Ways to Overcome LINE that can’t be opened on Android

Every application will certainly experience problems including social media applications such as LINE, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Usually the problem is like it can’t be opened or an error.

If you experience an application error, don’t panic. SmartTips.com there is a solution for you to overcome LINE that cannot be opened on android.

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List of 20 Ways to Overcome LINE that Can’t be Opened on Android

There are many reasons why your LINE can’t. We have a solution here. Out of curiosity, just take a look below.

1. Clear LINE Cache

Clear Cache

Clear Cache

Cache is a temporary storage place. Well, if the cache is full it will have an impact on the application. Like it can’t be opened or it becomes slow when you want to open it.

For that, you often or take the time to clear your LINE cache so that it is not full and certainly does not make your line error.

Here’s how to clear the LINE cache:

open “Settings” > choose “Application” > choose “LINE” > choose “Clear Cache”.

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2. LINE updates

LINE updates

LINE updates

Usually LINE that can’t be opened or an error has flaws in the file, such as there are still bugs. Not only that, maybe you will miss the latest version.

Try to keep updating to the latest version, so you don’t miss the latest features that have been released by LINE.

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3. Clear LINE Data

Clear Data

Clear Data

Maybe this way can make your LINE can be opened or no more errors. However, you will lose your account or chat on LINE.

But you can do chat line backup or backup sticker line you, before you delete data.

Here’s how to clear LINE data:

open “Settings” > choose “Application” > choose “LINE” > choose “Clear data”.

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4. Force Close Line

Force Stop

Force Stop

If your LINE can’t be opened, it might be stuck or can’t run, you should try to close it forcibly or stop it forcibly.

Getting stuck, usually the application does not respond or is not sensitive when you want to open the LINE application again.

Here’s how to force close LINE:

open “Settings” > choose “Application” > choose “LINE” > choose “Forcibly Stop”.

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5. Don’t Install LINE on Memory Card (Micro SD)

Install Line in Memory

Install Line in Memory

If the smartphone memory is full, you will be forced to install the application to the memory card. But that’s not good, usually an error will occur on your LINE.

We recommend that if the memory is full, delete applications that are no longer important to reduce space from your memory.

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6. Uninstall Applications That Are No Longer Important

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Having many applications will certainly make you feel at home playing on your smartphone. But it will take up a lot of memory space.

Not only that, it will have a bad impact on other applications such as errors or cannot be opened. For that, delete applications that are no longer important or you don’t use anymore.

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7. Do a Factory Reset on Your Smartphone

Factory Reset Smartphone

Factory Reset Smartphone

Even though it seems quite horror where you will delete all the data on your smartphone. But it can be a solution for all application errors.

For that, backup all data on your smartphone so that it is not deleted when doing this factory reset.

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8. Stable Internet Connection

Internet connection

Internet connection

Social media applications must always be connected to the internet to be able to use them. Well, if LINE can’t be opened, there might be something wrong with your internet connection.

Try to find an open space to get a maximum signal. But don’t go far, just get out of the house or move to a slightly open place.

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9. Use WiFi or vice versa

Use WiFi

Use WiFi

If your internet connection remains unstable, you should use WiFi which is guaranteed with an internet connection. That way, you can use LINE safely.

However, if the WiFi connection is bad. Reuse the internet data package you have to keep using your LINE.

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10. Too Much Chat on LINE

Spam Chat

Spam Chat

Having lots of friends on social media, of course, you will do a lot of chat with your friends too. Having a lot of chats affect your LINE, it might not open.

For that, delete your LINE chats that are not important or those that you have stored for a long time. What else is a chat that comes in and you ignore it or you don’t read it, you should just delete it.

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11. Turn Off Non-Important Group or Friend Notifications

Turn Off Notifications

Turn Off Notifications

Notifications that come in a lot can make your LINE error or can’t be opened. Because, the notification adjusts to the chat that enters your LINE.

For that, turn off notification notifications in groups that are not important or chat with other people who like to broadcast unimportant.

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12. Restart Your Smartphone

Restart HP

Restart HP

When you’re stuck alias can’t be opened, try restarting your smartphone. Restarting will make your smartphone close all applications.

After restarting, your smartphone is empty or does not run any applications including LINE.

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13. Upgrade Your Smartphone OS

Smartphone OS Upgrade

Smartphone OS Upgrade

Each application certainly requires specifications that you must be able to use to be able to use the application like LINE.

Including the OS alias operating system, for that make sure your smartphone already has an OS that matches the specifications required by LINE.

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Well, that’s him 13 Ways to Overcome LINE that can’t be opened on Android. If, you have suggestions or opinions other than the above. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Like and Share…

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