10 Weirdest Names in Indonesia that Make You Laugh

Name is a gift from parents to the child that serves as an identity. The names given by parents also vary, some have meanings or even circumstances.

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

Well, here are some of the strangest and unique names in Indonesia, guys. It’s so strange and unique that it can make you laugh and think “I don’t know why it’s given a name like that”.

Curious, what’s the weird name? Alright, just take a look, guys.

Make It Wonder These 10 Unique Names in Indonesia!

Oh yes, if you have a unique and cool name. You better hurry, change the name of your YouTube channel. The goal is that you are easy to remember.

Hmm… but that’s okay, if you use the names of the following people.

1. Andy Go To School

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

Andy Go To School

The first unique name is Andy Go To School. The owner of this name turns out to be a member of the POLRI, guys. He is a resident of Magelang, Central Java.

2. Merry Christmas

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

Merry Christmas

The second unique name in Indonesia is Merry Christmas. Well, from the name alone, it’s obvious that he was born on December 25th.

This man from Malang, East Java told me that when he was born, his parents were confused about giving a name.

In the end, the midwife, who is a Christian and takes care of her mother, gave the suggestion to name it Slamet Hari Natal.

3. Good luck in the afterlife

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

Happy Afterlife

The third strange name in Indonesia is Happy Afterlife. This man from Purbalingga, Central Java was given the name “Selamet Dunia Hereafter” by his parents so that he would always be protected by the Almighty.

4. Maghrib Azan

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

Maghrib Azan

The fourth unique name is Maghrib Azan. Azan Magrib is a resident from Kalimantan. He said that the name was the best name given by his parents.

It seems that this man will be sought after during the fasting month, guys. Because many are waiting for the Maghrib call to prayer. Hehehe…

5. Batman

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia


The fifth strange name in Indonesia is Batman. This man from Jepara has the name of a famous superhero in the world, guys. Maybe when he was born his parents wanted his child to be a superhero like Batman, guys.

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6. Saiton

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia


The sixth unique and strange name is Saiton. Yups, if in Arabic Saiton means devil or spirits and evil creatures created to mislead humans.

The owner of the name Saiton is a resident of Paldas Banyuasin. In addition, this man also works as a teacher and cool again has an M.SI (postgraduate) degree.

7. Black Steel Knight

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

Black Steel Knight

The seventh strange name is Black Steel Knight. Surely you know the superhero character Kamen Rider Black? Yups, Kamen Rider Black is usually called Satria Baja Hitam.

Well, the man who has an ID card from South Lampung has the name of a great superhero, namely Satria Baja Hitam.

Maybe the parents want the child to be as good as Kamen Rader Black, right, guys? Hehehe..

8. . (Dot)

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

. (Dot)

The eighth weirdest name is . (Only the dot symbol). Surely you wonder why the name is just a dot? Never mind that you, the child born in Jepara, also always protests why his name is just a dot, guys.

9. Rain

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia


The ninth most unique name is Raincoat. Jashujan is a resident of Randublatung, Blora.

He said that Jashujan’s name was given when his mother wanted to be taken to the midwife when it was raining heavily.

Then, neither of his parents had an umbrella or raincoat. In the end, he borrowed a raincoat from his neighbor. Well, that’s where he was given the name Jashujan.

10. Toyota Fortuner Tough

The Weirdest Name in Indonesia

Toyota Fortuner Tough

The tenth weirdest name is Toyota Fortuner Tough. A child who is given a name like the brand of the car, he said, his parents still have a meaning in the form of prayer, guys.

It means his name is a great young man and also lucky. The child’s parents also think that no one knows the fate, therefore there is no problem if you give a name like a car brand.

So, which name do you think is the most unique and strange? If there is, write it in the comments column below here

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