10 Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

As we know, if Japan is one of the countries with the fastest technological advances in the world. Because, in this country created a lot of technological scientists and various kinds of useful technological tools. So advanced, in Japan there are tablets of Japanese technology that does not exist in other countries.

So do not be surprised, if the country that once colonized Indonesia is very rapidly developing technology. Moreover, they created some of the weirdest stuff that we wouldn’t even think about making.

What’s the matter, the strangest stuff the Japanese invented? If you’re curious, just take a look!

Very funny! The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

It turns out that Japan is not only famous as a country with the most unique habits. But, they also create unique and strange items, such as the following!

1. Nail clippers together

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Community Nail Clippers

The strangest item that the first Japanese invented was the congregational nail polishing. Maybe the Japanese really value time, that’s why they created 5 nail clippers at once, so they can cut 5 at once in 1 tap. But, isn’t it scary, if you stray?

2. Cleaning Shoes

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Cleaning Shoes

The second strangest item the Japanese invented was the cleaning shoe. As we all know, Japanese people really value time. So do not be surprised if they are very multitasking.

Because of their multitasking, they also created shoes complete with brooms and dustpans (a place to collect garbage). So, all of your work can also be cleaned at the same time!

3. Portable Armrest

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Portable Armrest

The strangest item the third Japanese invented was a portable armrest. It is undeniable that many workers in Japan work overtime, because they want speed. So there is no time to go home just to rest.

Therefore, many workers are actually sleeping in the office. However, if you sleep on the table will cause aches. They then invented a portable armrest that can be installed anywhere including office benches.

4. Massage Helmet

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Massage Helmet

The strangest item the fourth Japanese invented was a massage helmet. Who said massage helmets only exist in movies? It turns out that Japan really created it, so anyone who is feeling dizzy can immediately use it.

5. Pillow Hat

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Pillow Hat

The strangest item the fifth Japanese invented was a pillow hat. Yups, as previously discussed, the Japanese are very hardworking. So many of them actually sleep in the office to save time.

Therefore, they created a hat that is also a pillow. So, users can directly use it both on the floor and on the wall. What do you think about this portable hat, guys?

6. Digital Cheek Box

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Digital Cheek Box

The strangest item the sixth Japanese invented was the digital cheek poke box. Well, to get rid of boredom, the Japanese created a unique toy, namely a digital cheek poke box. So, you can put your finger in the box to feel the sensation of pinching your cheek.

Eits, it turns out that your finger is also visible on the digital screen too! If this strangest item has been created since the 90’s, it’s definitely going to be the most hitz item in the 90’s, guys!

7. Sleeping Bag Pants

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Sleeping Bag Pants

The strangest item that the ninth Japanese invented was a pants sleeping bag. Well, for those of you who really like traveling to natural destinations, especially in areas with cold temperatures. Definitely need this sleeping bag! Moreover, the sleeping bag has legs.

This makes it easier for users to keep using it even if they want to walk. How about it, cool, right? But, if you go out at night on the mountain, wearing this will be really scary!

8. Map of Scratching On Clothes

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Map of Scratching On Clothes

The strangest item the eighth Japanese invented was a scratch map on clothes. It may look like a mathematical table, yes, but it turns out that the table is to tell people when our bodies are on the back.

So, you just give the location of the scratch. For example, you feel itchy on the 7F. Well, people are asked to help immediately find out where the itching is. How about it, it’s so easy right?

9. Glasses Umbrella

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Glasses Umbrella

The strangest item that the ninth Japanese invented was a spectacle umbrella. Yups, this umbrella will make it easier to use it in looking around. Because, all this time we use umbrellas above our heads to make it visible but still splashed by rain. Therefore, made the form of transparent glasses.

10. Anti-hot pants

The Weirdest Items Invented by the Japanese

Anti-hot pants

The strangest thing that the last Japanese invented were anti-hot pants. It turns out that it’s not just pants but there are clothes too, these pants and shirts have fans in them. So that the user will not feel the arrow or hot. Because there is already a fan in it.

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