10 Ways To Get Over 100% Disk Usage On Windows 10

How to overcome 100 percent disk usage on Windows 10

How to overcome disk usage 100 Windows 10 – For those of you Windows 10 users who are experiencing slow issues or even unresponsive often, you can check out Task Manager. Task Manager can provide you with information about the processes running on the computer.

You can use Task Manager to monitor your computer’s CPU, memory, and hard drive usage. However, when the disk usage is 100%, the disk usage will be maximized and your system performance will decrease, resulting in a slowdown. This needs to be fixed, of course, as this is not normal.

This problem occurs with many Windows 10 users who complain that the computer is slow and Task Manager is showing high disk usage. The causes of this high hard drive usage vary and range from viruses, hardware problems, and applications running in the background.

How to overcome 100 percent disk usage on Windows 10

There are many ways to fix high hard drive usage in Windows 10 as there are many causes behind this hard drive usage problem. Here are 10 tips you can try to overcome those 100 Windows 10 disk usage.

1. Scan with antivirus

Virus or malware is one of the factors causing hard drive usage 100 Windows 10. These viruses generally run silently on the system and keep the PC working hard even if you don’t open the application.

The first way to overcome 100% hard drive usage is to run a thorough scan with Windows Defender or other antivirus software to detect and remove viruses.

Disk usage 100 Windows 10 virus scan

2. Stop applications using Task Manager

When the application is opened, the application’s source is retrieved from current memory before any other components are accessed. The problem that arises is that many applications are running but the functional specifications are not qualified.

This can overload the warehouse. Here is a method to overcome disk usage 100 Windows 10 using Task Manager.

  • open minded Task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager.
  • Right click on the application that increases disk usage to 100%.
  • Select End task to stop the application.
Disk Usage 100 Windows 10 Task Manager

You can use this method to find out which application or service is 100% disk usage.

3. Disable applications that run at startup

During the boot process, the system first reads the Windows files and then the applications that are running at startup. This 100% disk usage issue can occur when your hard drive is slow but many applications are running at startup. How to disable applications at startup.

  • open minded Task manager.
  • Select tab Start up and you will see applications running at startup.
  • Right click on the application and select deactivate on applications that are not important.
Disk Usage 100 Windows 10 Startup Optimization

4. Disable Windows Update

The next step in overcoming 100 percent disk usage is to disable Windows Update. By default, Windows updates run on Windows 10. Since they run automatically, this Windows update can cause the device to slow down. How to turn off Windows Update.

  • Open Run (Windows Logo + R) then enter services.msc.
  • seek Windows Update, then right-click and click Properties.
  • Change the Startup Type option to Disabled person. Then click OK.
Disk usage 100 Windows 10 Disable Windows Update

However, if the cause of the 100 percent disk usage problem is not Windows Update, re-enable Windows Update so that Windows 10 can always get the latest updates from Microsoft.

5. Disable Windows Search

Windows Search is used to speed up the search for files on the computer. However, if you rarely use it, you can disable it to bypass Windows 10’s 10000 disk usage.

Well, don’t worry, disabling it doesn’t mean removing the feature from Windows Search. You can still search for the file you want using Windows Search, but the required search process will certainly take more time. How to disable the search function.

  • Open Run (Windows Logo + R) then enter services.msc.
  • seek Windows search, Then right click on Properties.
  • Change the Startup Type option to Disabled person. Then click OK.
  • Then restart your computer.
Disk usage 100 Windows 10 Disable Windows search

This method is a permanently disabled method. If you’d like to return it, please change the option to Automatic.

6. Deactivate SuperFetch

SuperFecth is a useful feature for reducing boot time in Windows and is useful for making programs run effectively. Well, in fact, the SuperFetch service in Windows 10 can sometimes cause 100% disk usage. How to disable it.

  • Open Run (Windows Logo + R) then enter services.msc.
  • seek SuperFetch, then right-click Properties.
  • Change the Startup Type option to Disabled person. Then click OK.
  • Then restart your computer.
Disable disk usage 100 Windows 10 Super Fetch

7. Temporarily turn off antivirus

Another step that you can try to find out what is causing your Windows 100% disk usage problem is to temporarily turn off your antivirus. And watch whether your disk usage is normal or not.

If it’s normal, you might be able to switch to a different antivirus. Even Windows Defender can cause problems by increasing I / O and network usage, which can lead to high disk usage.

8. Change the power plan to high performance

Changing the battery power plan settings will surely improve performance and hard drive problems on Windows 10 can be 100% resolved for some devices. How to change the power plan.

  • Right click on the battery icon and select Energy options
  • Then select the option High performance
Disk Usage 100 Windows 10 Change Power Plan

9. Check the health of the hard drive

Examining the hard drive can reveal if there is a physical problem with your hard drive. Usually, high disk usage indicates that there is an application or logical problem causing the disk usage.

However, physical damage to your hard drive can also result in other causes. To check the hard drive, you can use applications like HDTune and Harddisk Sentinel. And when problems like deteriorating hard drive integrity and bad sectors are detected, you’ll need to replace the hard drive with a new one.

10. Upgrade the storage to SSD

If the 100% disk usage issue has not been resolved, try switching your computer storage to SSD while you are still using the hard drive. And do the migration or reinstall so that the Windows system is on the SSD.

Because the processing speed of applications and systems depends heavily on the storage speed. Then SSD is a solution to increase system and application loading speed, as SSD has a speed well above that of hard drive.

The last word

These were some tips that you can try to resolve 100% disk usage issue. Indeed, this problem is a common problem that is common in Windows, so there are many ways or methods that can be used to solve it.

So many articles on 10 ways to overcome this Windows 10 hard drive usage 100, good luck and hopefully it will be useful.

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