10 Ways to Distinguish Original and Fake Xiaomi Cellphones

Xiaomi is one of the original brands China whose sales are increasing day by day. Xiaomi produces several electronic products such as smartphone, power bank, smartwatch and headset.

Product Xiaomi is now a product that the possibility of imitation is increasing. For example, many fake Xiaomi cellphones have been distributed and shipped all over the world.

Now! Usually people who use gadgets find it difficult to distinguish cellphones Xiaomi genuine with fake Xiaomi, because of its almost 95% resemblance.

10 Ways to Distinguish Original and Fake Xiaomi Cellphones

Well this time TipsPintar.Com will review some Tips to Distinguish HP Xiaomi Genuine and Fake so that you are no longer deceived by distributors who sell fake Xioami HP products, so pay attention to this article!

1. Xiaomi Verification App

MI Verification

Xiaomi has launched the app Android official to help you users smartphone Xiaomi to easily check if the phone MI what you have is fake or genuine.

The way is first you have todownload and install application MI Verification, next with laptop or PC you can go to the official website www.jd.mi.com and try to scan the QR Code. Wait until the app verifies Phone Xiaomi you.

2. Check the Authentication Label


The second way is to check the authentication label or code IMEI on the HP box xiaomi. On the back of the box there is a 15-digit IMEI code and then you can open the official site from Xiaomi, namely www.mi.com/verify.

Next you enter the code IMEI and also enter the code security and click verify. If the code is already in verify 1 time, means HP Xiaomi you are original and if the result verify more than 1 time means that the code has been duplicated with the IMEI code of the original Xiaomi cellphone and it is certain that the Xiaomi cellphone you have is fake.

3. Check MIUI ROM Version

MIUI Version

The third way you need to know that Mobile Xiaomi fakes will be produced or shipped with Custom Android ROM. You can check the ROM by going to the menu Settings > About Phone.

In that section there are details ROM used. Well if the ROM used is different from the ROM that should be used in smartphone Xiaomi you, it is confirmed that smartphone Your Xiaomi is fake.

You can also easily find out the Version ROM used in smartphone Xiaomi you by visiting the official site MIUI or by finding out the specifications in Google.

4. Install MIUI ROM Update


Now! what you need to know that OEM not manufacture device MI False. So the way to find out is when install update ROM on HP Xiaomi. The system will automatically check the parameters of a particular system.

The system will also ensure the device code name, coordination hardware etc. However, if the update installation process continues to fail, it is confirmed ROM MIUI not designed on mobile Xiaomi the.

And this will prove, is it true Xiaomi is it real or fake? You can check for updates by going to the menu Settings > About Phone > System Updates, after that the system informs the update on the Xiaomi phone.

5. Physical Check Xiaomi HP

Physical Appearance of Xiaomi HP

The fifth method is an easy way to do because you only need to check the physical form of HP Xiaomi. You can check starting from the logo MI on your Xiaomi phone, if the color looks faded, there is a possibility that the Xiaomi phone is fake.

You also check it by matching the code IMEI in the battery compartment with the IMEI code on the box. If the IMEI code is different, it is confirmed that the phone Xiaomi you are fake.

6. Identify Bloatwares

Bloatwares Apps

Bloatwares is a default application that has beeninstall on smartphone which is rarely used. Bloatwares usually can slow down performance smartphone lol! Sometimes mostly bloatwares It is also dangerous because it can take your personal data.

Usually Bloatwares can’t be deleted by method uninstall normal. Now! This method is also very easy to know. Usually smartphone fake using ROM Android specifically, there will be many possibilities there are many bloatwares inside it.

7. Use the AntuTU Officer Application

AntuTu Officer Application

Application AnTuTu Officer is an application that works almost the same way as MI Verification. However, this application data is provided online exclusive by AnTuTu Officer.

Application AnTuTu Officer is an application bench making popular that is widely used, because this application is also very compatible with the hardware for smartphone whatever. Its function is to test the product on the smartphone is genuine or fake.

The way to use it is also the same as MI Verification, you firstdownload and Install first application AnTuTu Officer in Play Store. Then if you haveinstall you click Start then a QR code will appear.

Next you open the site y.antutu.com use laptop or PC after that scan QR code. Now! If the QR code scanner results “good” means smartphone Xiaomi you are genuine, whereas if the result “High Copy“It’s been confirmed that smartphone Your Xiaomi is fake.

8. Check the Accessories on the Box


Well this method is also very easy for you to know, yep! What you need to know is that the product MI does not include accessories in the form of earphones or the handset. MI products only include the contents in the box in the form of cellphones, Chargers, Data Cable and Instruction Card and Warranty Card.

If you buy smartphone Xiaomi in the box there is earphones or the handset, it is most likely that the product smartphone Xiaomi is fake. You can also confirm it by seeing if there is a brand MI on earphones the.

9. Warranty

TAM Distributor Guarantee

Now! which is also an important point to distinguish HP Xiaomi Original and Fake. If the store sells a Xiaomi cellphone with a 1 year warranty, it is certain that the Xiaomi cellphone is genuine.

especially if the warranty card is official from the product MI, although many stores offer a warranty from a distributor such as TAM, Platinum and others. The point is you have to be careful if the warranty is less than 1 year.

Moreover, if the store does not include a warranty card, chances are that HP Xiaomi the ones being sold are replica or fake Xiaomi cellphones. It’s best if you buy a Xiaomi cellphone that includes a warranty card.

10. Price

Rupiah currency

And lastly, this is the important thing! You can suspect HP Xiaomi which is sold at a relatively cheaper price than other Xiaomi products with type similar.

Usually distributors or traders will sell HP Xiaomi the imitation is cheap and affordable, so at this low price it can lure people to buy it.

But usually distributors or traders will also give promo prices when selling cellphones Xiaomi-his. Therefore, don’t forget to always stay alert! because the low price has a very big risk for fake Xiaomi HP products.

So.. so how are you guys, you already know the difference between Original and Fake Xiaomi cellphones? For that you have to be careful before buying a product, don’t let you buy an imitation Xiaomi cellphone! Well, for those of you who have suggestions, please comment below this article

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